Homeland Recap: In a Family's Way

Homeland Recap Carrie PregnantThis week on Showtime’s Homeland, Carrie’s first sit-down with “The Magician” took an interesting — and then a dark — turn, Dana made a bold move and an “easy” test produced positive results.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS | Having been grabbed and delivered to Javadi’s house, Carrie is hooked up a polygraph, one which she quickly fails. Suggesting she’s uneasy, she gets Javadi’s goons out of the room — then drops the dime on her captor, revealing all she knows about his soccer star alias and the embezzled millions. That segues into a private chat outdoors, where Carrie confirms that she’s not out to be cultivated as an asset but to do the cultivating, of him. In order to follow through with the ruse that she’s been turned, Javadi sends Carrie on a mission — to secure the intel that led to the six assassinations — and they agree to meet up later. Returning home, Carrie takes a Clearblue Easy pregnancy test — the latest in what appears to be at least 30, all of which indicated a positive result. (Hmm, Brody went AWOL in mid-December, Carrie said during the polygraph it’s now March… Hey! I took math!)

Later, when Saul and Max detect that Javadi’s gone off course en route to the meet-up, Carrie and Quinn are just seconds too late to prevent his deadly pit stop: to kill in the coldest of blood his ex-wife, whom Saul helped escape from Tehran decades ago. Saul is deeply affected by that gnarly twist, and later, when face to face with Javadi at the safe house, pops his frenemy good in the honker.

Episode 306

DANA: “I’m leaving with this stranger, while carefully blocking the camera’s view of pregnant Morena’s belly.”
CHRIS: “Ma, can I get a storyline now?”

HUSBAND AND STRIFE | Meanwhile at the homestead, Saul’s wife Mira explained that her dashing dinner companion from last week is someone she met while they were separated  — part of the new life she “left behind” in Mumbai when she came running to Saul’s side in the wake of the 12/12 attack. “We have fun. He makes me laugh. My day is better with him in it,” Mira admits when Saul asks if she’s in love. When Saul changes the topic to relate the latest on the CIA shake-up, Mira invites him to get angry, even if directed at her. “I don’t have any claim on you,” he rebuffs — but she disagrees, in almost a conspicuously strong manner.

THE NAME GAME | Dana, with Jessica’s blessing, sets out to legally change her last name to Lazaro — and then, barely with Jessica’s blessing, moves out of the house, to go live with her new friend Angela. (Because it’s not like the girl you haven’t known long enough to register as a blip on your mom’s radar could be a plant, assigned to keep eyes on ex-terrorist Nicholas Brody’s daughter.) Chris, in turn, I am pretty sure smirked at the fact that it might now be his turn for a storyline.

What did you think of this week’s Homeland? Getting back on track? And do you think the pregnancy is further fueling Carrie’s mission to track down Brody via her Mad Map?