Farewell, How I Met Your Mother -- But Answer These 15 Burning Questions First, Please!

On How I Met Your Mother, there are as many mysteries as there are punchlines.

Even as the CBS sitcom prepares to say goodbye, a multitude of burning questions — about everything from a prickly piece of fruit to a dubious job to The Mother’s moniker — remain unanswered.

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With that in mind, we singled out 15 nagging Qs the show better address before May’s series finale.

So, flip through the gallery below, vote for your fave of the 15, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which MIA mystery would you have included in our list?

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Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emily says:

    With how the season has been going (useless filler), i fear none of the important stuff/questions will be addressed.

  2. Patrick says:

    Pineapple. And I hope it is a stupid, pointless answer that has no bearing on the overall plot. That would be epic.

    • John 1138 says:

      Totally: the crew was having their piña colada Tuesday after the shoot so it was lying around…

    • Lindsey says:

      I don’t want to know because it would be a letdown. It’s kind of like the whole goat thing. They built it up so much, and then it was stupid. Plus, Ted said they never found out what the deal was.

      • neha says:

        I think Ted technically said “and, I never found out…”. So, that means the rest of the group could have found out and not just told Ted.

    • Guys, hasn’t Psych taught you anythng. Pineapples are awesome, that’s all we need to know.

  3. Venkman007 says:

    I have a burning question, ever since the show debuted-
    Will we EVER get a nude scene with Alyson Hannigan?! THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW. ;)

    • Jerry says:

      Unlikely :( Although based on this past episode, even with two kids and pushing 40 she has still got it!

    • Rich Abey says:

      Don’t mean to sound like a pervert but I had a crush on Lily since Season 1. She is much more cuter than Robin with traditional good looks. If it happens..a lot of hearts will fill with joy!

  4. Evan says:

    I need to know about the pineapple. Or buildings will burn.

  5. Joe says:

    I thought they were hiding their fingers in the flashforwards.

  6. Stefan says:

    Things like what does Barney do for a living are always better left unanswered

  7. Viv says:

    Old Ted said, that he never found out about the Pineapple. I would LOVE to know what Barney does for a living. And I really hope, since we spent A WHOLE SEASON on this wedding weekend, that Barney and Robin don´t get divorced! -.- Oh, and I would like an answer to the quiting smoking question.

  8. Annie-Claude says:

    Ted said he never found out about the pineapple so they would have to make him learn in the time he’s telling the story. And I really don’t think that’ll happen, and don’t want it to.

  9. Tony says:

    Why are we seeing so much of Sherri Shepherd and so little of The Mother?

  10. Don says:

    Im still dying to know what the hell the difference is between peanutbutter and jelly?????
    And why was lilly so upset about it????

  11. Shiran says:

    I DO NOT want to know what Barney does for a living!!
    and since Ted said they never found out what happened to the pineapple it needs to be shown to us without them knowing or it would ruin the mystery..

  12. Tom Charles says:

    HOw is 12 a question? I thought it was obvious.

  13. Fernanda says:

    send this questions to Carter and Bays before they wrapped out the season

  14. Disco dolly says:

    I thought ted already met the perfect woman from the dating site. Wasn’t she the doctor who was engaged to someone else?

  15. A.B. says:

    As to Robin quitting smoking I was assuming it was when she got married unless they are in a different timeline all together and it doesn’t mash up with when they end it. As to Barney that I have no idea but I always thought it would have been cute if they had made it to be that Teds daughter would have gone up to Uncle Barney and asked him to quit. Hokey I know but cute.

  16. Taryn says:

    I’ve wanted to know for a while If they were ever going to resolve the bet between Lily and Marshall since they left it open ended I and also doesn’t Marshall still owe Barney one from the slap bet?

  17. Katie says:

    I’m pretty sure we already know the answer to 13. Lily definitely has a major crush on Robin. She would never leave Marshall over it, but come it’s pretty obvious she’s interested.

  18. Ximena says:

    What is Barney’s job?!!! And I really think that the mother’s dead because I wouldn’t spend 9 years of my life (or so much time) talking how I was in love of some other person that is not my partner.

    • Jerry says:

      After that episode last season with Ted wishing he had met the mother 45 days earlier or whatever I am definitely thinking she is dead. It would be a downer to end the series on but seems right to me.

    • Jax says:

      Barney and Robin get divorced and the mother is dead. This whole long story is a lead up to him explaining to his kids why he’s dating “Aunt Robin” now! (at least, that’s how it is in my head.)

      • Brooke says:

        @Jax, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking for a few seasons now. I hope hope hope that’s how it goes down!

      • SJ says:

        I’ve been thinking this for a while now too. I think Barney talking about the future and saying he’ll be on his third wife by then was also a clue.

      • Patrick says:

        Barney and Robin DON’T get married. Every show so far has been about how they shouldn’t be together. The mom is dead, and Ted is telling them about how he met their mom before marrying Aunt Robin.

  19. oscarchip01 says:

    Why is Ted’s middle name Evelyn?!?!

    • Josh says:

      Probably because of Evelyn Waugh famous early 20th century british author, it kinda explains a little of teds arty douchyness

  20. Kendall says:

    I chose finding out the Mother’s name, not because I care what her name is, but I’m tired of referring to her as the Mother or Ted’s future wife. Hiding her name is something I find more annoying than intriguing.

  21. Jackie H says:

    I think the Mother’s name will be Eugenie or Eustace and people call her “Eu” ei “You” which will make it funny going back to ted promising (before he met her) to bring “you” to the hotel next year.

  22. dart87305 says:

    The Slutty Pumpkin/Katie Holmes was in a flashback in this year’s episode, The Poker Game. The flashback was suppose to take place the Halloween after Lily and Marshall’s wedding in 2007. Two things, Ted was not dressed as a “Hanging Chad” and the Slutty Pumpkin was standing less than five feet away from her in 2007… Ted obsessed about her forever and Marshall knows all, wouldn’t they have seen her? She was dressed as a slutty pumpkin. And he was dressed as a Thank You Note and it looks a lot like his “Hanging Chad” costume. Maybe Ted’s crazy and he actually met her this night and made up the rest of the details. Ted is actually a liar and Carter/Bay have “Rosanned” us. It was all a dream!

  23. Mary G says:

    I always thought the mom’s name was Tracy based off a Thanksgiving episode. They end up at the strip club, and the stripper says “…my name is Tracy.” And older Ted says, “and that kids is how I met your mother”.

    • Adam V says:

      I agree. I have said for years the Mother’s name is Tracy. There is no way two teenage kids would not know their mother’s first name. So that name should be accurate.

    • Di says:

      Yes! I’ve just started watching from the first season ( I didn’t get into it until S7, go figure) and I caught that right away. I’ll be really surprised if the name does not turn out to be Tracy.

  24. SJ says:

    What was the mother doing for the past 9 years? She was probably still in college for at least a few of those years. Considering how young they cast the mother, she was still a teenager when the show started.

  25. Mika02 says:

    There children are luke and leia of course. Sadly we will never find out about the Pineappple. I would rather know whether Robin and Barney have children whether through adoption or genetically (my husband and I are always forgetting our wedding rings or they just don’t fit cuz we have gained weight since we got them). I really really hope the mother is not Dead that would just be wrong.

  26. erin says:

    I really really really really don’t want to know the mother’s name! I also didn’t want to “get to know” the mother and just have the series end with their very first meeting and then “And that’s how I met your mother.” Too late for that though.

  27. Josh says:

    Isn’t this season all taking place in June of 2013? We might actually see Robin’s real last cigarette ever.

  28. sha100 says:

    I really want to know when and why Barney and Robin quit smoking, I want to know if Barney knows that Robin can’t have kids, I don’t really want to know what Barney does for a living but if they do answer that question I don’t mind either way. I think the idea of the Mother being dead is stupid and sad but I doubt and fully feel that Barney and Robin are not going to get divorced they will be together in 2030 I have no doubts about that they will last.

  29. MC Maine says:

    Robin and Barney won’t get divorced because they aren’t going to get married. This whole (lousy) season has made it seem more and more obvious that their marriage would be a mistake.

    But I don’t think Ted is explaining to the kids about dating Aunt Robin. They’re not a good match either. Robin and Lily make the best match of the group.

  30. Branimir says:

    what about that goat in the bathroom?! :o

  31. jenferner8 says:

    We already know the Mother’s name. Am I the only one who saw the “wedding invitation” in one of the earlier episodes this season? It was a quick shot but anyone with a pause button could have made it out clearly enough to see it had both their names on it, or at least Ted’s name and what I assumed was the Mother’s name. I won’t reveal for spoilers sake except to say the name I saw started with letter “S”. And a last name for her was also on it, unless it was part of a punchline I missed.

    • Azerty says:

      Do you remember which episode it was?

      • jenferner8 says:

        Somewhere between the third episode and maybe the 5 or 6th. I’ve never been regular viewer so I’m not certain. Also, it occurred to me that maybe what they showed was a brief flashback. I didn’t realize Ted had been engaged or almost engaged before so what I saw may have been a close up of an “old” wedding invite. I apologize if this is the case or if I accidently misled anyone.

  32. Bill Nye the Science Guy says:

    Dissapointing season so far. No answers. Hopefully, it will pick up. “How Robin and Barney Got Married, and I Married the First Person I met After that” should be the name. Lol.

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      Yes, good point Bill. It may end up looking like that – Ted reaching the end of his rope. ;) However, we’ll see what Carter/Bays have in mind at the end. I still believe Robin will play a role in Ted and ‘the mother’ coming together at Farhampton. She’ll get that double-whammy of finding out about the locket and the root-cause of Ted-Victoria’s break-up, and Robin will come through for Ted at the very end.

  33. meow says:

    They already explained why Ted Is telling the story. It’s in the episode where his parents come to visit and he realizes he doesn’t know how they met. He says when he has kids he’s going to sit them down on a couch and tell the whole story. It’s the episode where his parents tell him they’ve been divorced for a while.

    • Ann says:

      But in an episode in season 3, I believe, Future Ted reveals that he has already told his kids the story of how he met their mother. It was the short version. Now he’s telling them the long version…so, why is he telling them the same story?

      • fletch says:

        i seriously dont know how if the mom is alive she would let ted tell their kids about all his sexual conquests and describe how (in 2030 also) he’s still in love with robin.

  34. Cujo says:

    Am I the only one utterly bored with this season? I don’t care for Marshal’s storyline either. I’m sure they thought putting the entire season into a weekend sounded good at some point in the writer’s room, but it just feels tedious to me. We also don’t get familiar settings unless its through flashbacks/forwards.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      Seriously! It feels like a gyp not to have Marshall there and for real they woould be there by now. As someone above posted, why are we seeing so much of Sherri Sheppard and not the Mother???

    • Audrey says:

      I’m so bored this season, I actually had to stop watching, because it became too painful. I’ve watched the show since the beginning, so that should tell you something. My GOD this season is awful in SO MANY ways. It’s nice to see other people are still so passionate about it (judging from the comments here). A once great show is going out with a whimper, and I guarantee no one is going to be satisfied with the outcome.

  35. Heather says:

    I always thought that Barney and RObin somehow called it off… liek at the altar. For some reason , at the flash forwards to when Ted is at the station, i just got that impression… that the wedding was called off. I really hope they speed up the whole damn wedding. I was always hoping they’d introduce the mother early enough that we’d get to know her a bit and now i just get the feeling we will only get to know her a little bit. .. that in classic ted fashion he gets whirled away and they have some impromptu wedding or something

  36. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    I have a feeling we will find out when/how/why Robin finds out about Ted and Victoria’s break-up the second time (Robin knows the details about the first break-up between Ted/Victoria). I’m still of the thinking that Robin’s discovery of the root cause of Ted’s breakup with Victoria will be key to Ted meeting up with the mother at Farhampton.

    Also, I’d like to see (and assume we will learn) how Robin receives ‘the locket’ – either direct from Ted, or someone else (Barney?)

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      I just noticed, in the 3rd photo, the one with Ted’s daughter and son, in the background, we see the wall-shelf that contains momentos, photos, etc. of their family life, including the yellow VW? bus toy vehicle (I believe from “the mother’s” original collection). However, I also just noticed Ted’s desktop red race car pencil box on that shelf collection. As we now know, that pencil box contained Robin’s locket for a period of time/years. Strange that that pencil box would continue to be on that shelf after all those years as the kids grew up – unless, indeed that box and locket became critical to Ted and the mother finally meeting.

  37. mohammad says:

    Did Ted win have that threeway in order to win the championship belt
    I mean the story which he never told and was pissing barney off

  38. amir says:

    its killing us what exactly barney do for living

  39. Chrs says:

    Can I add a #16? What was Robin doing masquerading in the leotard under the name Night Falcon in the last episode??

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      Perhaps a new Marvel super hero is coming to a theater in the future? ;) … and yes, I would pay top dollar for a ticket to see CS as Night Falcon. However, where did CB/CT come up with that name? I was hoping for maybe something like ‘Night Daggers’ !

  40. Kristin says:

    I hope we get to know The Mother! I hope the show doesn’t do something silly like have Ted and The Mother meet and then cut to black.
    I think Barney and Robin will get married. I cannot see either Ted or The Mother being dead. That just seems like lazy writing.

    • Melissa says:

      She’s not dead, I heard that they shot a scene for the finale with the teenage kids that incorporates her. Obviously it had to be written and shot at the beginning of the series because the actors who play the kids would have aged.

  41. ian says:

    Why would they end the show with something so sad as finding out the mother has been dead in the future. Yeah we have had some depressing moments like the death of Marshall’s dad and Robin not being able to have kids but this is a comedy and I think she is very much alive and well. As to Robin and Barney getting divorced my guess would be that there are ring-less on purpose so we don’t know for sure they get married in the present. If you saw the rings you could say that they do actually get married which I think they do. I think Carter and Craig already confirmed they get married for sure, you really think they set the whole last season on the wedding if it didn’t happen. As for Barney’s Job isn’t he an GNB executive, although his official title has never been given, we have seen him do many things. I want to find out the Mothers name in the final episode like they did with the Janitor on Scrubs. And the thing about Ted actually ending up with Robin after all does not make sense you really think that Barney and Ted would remain friends if he was with Robin not likely.

    • Ann says:

      But we never truly found out the janitor’s name on Scrubs. Right after he told JD his “name” another doctor walked right pass him and called him by another name…

  42. Mario says:

    I think that Robin quit smoking because she gets pregnant, I know that she cant have kids but I’ll be happy if they have a kid :)

  43. Artix says:

    Was Marshall really robbed by a monkey or WHAT?

  44. Ratchet says:

    Night Falcon/Robin….she was on the 1st episode of Agents of SHIELD, Tracy is alive, she sat next to Ted on the armchair hes in, Marshall is getting a Mancheck from the woman hes riding with, since hes a whiny Sierra clubber & she big oil

  45. I thought they showed Robin telling Barney she couldn’t have kids in the last episode?

    • EL says:

      yes, you are correct. but this list was posted just a few days before that episode aired, being that the date on this article is Nov. 1st & the date of the episode was Nov. 4th. While some viewers are complaining that this season has no value, I am loving that fact that all of the unanswered questions and other moments alluded to in previous episodes are being wrapped up this season. I agree that there have been some pointless plot lines, but in general, as a long-time viewer, I am loving seeing so much of the past being revisited, that the good is out weighing the bad for me!

  46. Roy Marzan says:

    I really want to know what was the mother doing for 9 long years???

  47. veneceos says:

    they answered 11 last week

  48. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    A new question: What is the name of the book Ted is reading at the Farhampton station?
    I watched a few of the late season 7/early season 8 HIMYM episodes this weekend, particularly those involving Farhampton station and Victoria/Claus wedding. I wanted to refresh my memory. I noticed (again) the book that Ted is reading at the station. Has anyone been able to determine what the cover of that book says? I fronze the video clip a few times, but could only slightly determine the cover artwork of the book. Maybe the book is a travel guide to Chicago? ;) Ted seems engrossed in the reading, and is quite a few pages into the book, even though he does indeed (as others had noted and remembered up-thread) seem a bit forlorn and not wanting to talk to ‘granny’ at the bench about the wedding [then of course, classic Ted, proceeds to tell ‘granny’ all about the wedding.]

  49. Nikki says:

    The question of what Barney does for a living was answered in the Woo girl episode. …I think season 4. Sven says Barney Stinson head of the search committee, and Barney goes that’s me. Also on Barneys blog he says he works at GNB as head of rhe search committee.

  50. shockdoc says:

    So many great actresses Ted’s character has dated over thoidee years. Can’t help but feel a little cheated by the “mother’. She seems devoid of much personality (or acting ability) and more like a poor man’s Lily than anything else. Maybe she works cheap.