American Idol Exclusive: A New Crop of Hopefuls Star in Artsy Season 13 Teaser!

Press pause on Candice Glover‘s “Lovesong” for just a second, Idoloonie Nation. Fox is debuting a new promo for American Idol Season 13 during tonight’s World Series Game 6, and we’ve got your exclusive first look!

The 30-second spot — branded with the hastag #thisisreal — features dozens of real-life contestants strolling through paths in what look their hometowns: beaches, dirt roads, office corridors, scenic docks, church aisles and sidewalks.

“The road to American Idol makes dreams a reality,” reads the accompanying text, subtly reminding viewers of the show’s history in discovering and launching actual, chart-topping talent. As the screen begins to flash images of singers holding up their audition tags — and the inevitable montage of post-Golden Ticket spazz-outs — the promo’s ultimate message is revealed: “The search for a superstar — American Idol, this January.”

Will you be taking another Idol journey come 2014? Are you digging the use of real contestants in the promo? Sound off below!

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