Revenge Recap: Rules of Engagement

Revenge Season 3 RecapIn this week’s Revenge, Emily and Daniel’s engagement goes from tense to past tense and back. While he finally decides, “I can’t marry you,” she complains to Nolan, “I can’t stand to be around him.” But, of course, her whole vendetta seems to hinge upon the “I dos” getting done. So, before the hour’s end, she finds a way to regain the “Control” to which the episode’s title refers and shares a steamy liplock… but not with her fiancé. Who’s the lucky guy? Read on…

AIDEN AND ABETTIN’ | Making a lasting first impression on his unwitting romantic rival, Aiden breaks into the Stowaway and tells Jack that, if he doesn’t hit the road, Conrad will dig his grave. Not so fast, Victoria more or less says to the Brit. Jack is important to her. “Why?” asks Aiden. “Do you need someone to mix you a drink?” No, she just likes the way that Jack, like Aiden, unnerves Emily.

MON DIEU! | Later, Victoria informs Emily that Jack was behind the attempt on Conrad’s life – setting her up to be late for Daniel’s Voulez launch party because she’s off warning her old flame that he’s (again? still? more than ever?) in danger. Natch, Jack isn’t exactly thrilled to learn that Aiden works for Emily. “Who are you?!” he asks through his shock. A shock that apparently never wears off, either, because, in spite of his and Margaux’s lack of chemistry, they are soon kissing – with Emily spying from nearby. (Because, no matter where you are, she’s always spying from nearby.)

FAMILY PLOT | Next, while Emily shows Daniel a picture of her late parents (yay, Photoshop!) to get him to forgive her for being tardy to his shindig and so they can un-break up, Aiden informs Victoria that one of her children was behind the attempt on Conrad’s life. Next thing we know, Charlotte is at Grayson manor confessing that she did it. She went bats–t crazy when she learned about her dad’s involvement in Declan’s death, she swears. Yet it turns out that Charlotte’s only taking the blame because her mother told her that she’d be protecting Jack if she did. Only Aiden and Victoria know that the real culprit is – dun-dun-DUN – Patrick. Oh, and for those keeping score, this week Emily loves Aiden again. “You’re everything to me,” she says before they smooch. (Maybe she hasn’t yet noticed Jack’s lack of chemistry with Margaux?)

IT’S REIGNING MEN | When Nolan swings by Victoria’s art gallery, he thinks he’s being all Rico Suave, having not called Patrick since the night they kissed. But Patrick isn’t in any mood for games – especially since, in the interim, he learned that Nolan paid his ex-wife $20k to dish the dirt. “Who does that?!” he quite sensibly asks. Later, however, Patrick forgives not only that transgression but also Nolan’s inexplicable love of neckerchiefs, and they hook up poolside.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the fast one the show pulled by making it look for a second like Charlotte really had tried to kill her father? Do you think Emily is sincere in her renewed love for Aiden, or is she just smarting from having seen Jack kiss Margaux? Based on the scenes from next week – and the fact that we now know Patrick is a killer – how, um, worried do we have to be about Nolan? Best line of the week has to be, as usual, Victoria’s. “It would be such a shame” if Emily and Daniel’s engagement didn’t end in a wedding, she told the bride-to-be, beaming. Pause. “Again.” Brilliant. Hit the comments!

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