Video: Beauty and the Beast Stars on 'Shattered' Cat, a 'Warmer' Vincent and an 'Oh $#*!' Moment

Beauty and the Beast SpoilersThe CW’s Beauty and the Beast, which already got fans a-frettin’ when Catherine found her MIA love sans his memory, amplified that angst in Season 2’s second episode by having Vincent beast out on his beauty, lobbing her across the very rooftop where happier times have taken place.

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Sure, their scary encounter came on the heels of a far sexier one, as Cat and Vincent tried to jog his noggin with some bed-rocking, but still — Catherine’s world is left “shattered,” as Kristin Kreuk explains in this video Q&A held before the show’s New York Comic-Con panel.

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With Season 2 continuing Monday at 9/8c, press PLAY to hear more from Kreuk and leading man Jay Ryan about salvaging this TV romance, whether Vincent’s deadly new agenda is perhaps a “noble” one, if Gabe can be trusted or not and the “Oh s–t!” moment of discovery looming on the horizon.

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