Glee Sets Its End Date -- But What Do You Want for Its Characters' Endgames? Take Our Polls!

Mark your calendars, Gleeks: Fox’s high-school musical will graduate from the airwaves for good sometime around the spring of 2015 — at the end of Season 6, cocreator Ryan Murphy announced this week.

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Whether or not news of Glee‘s end date warms your heart or sends you into the fetal position, it’s hard not to wonder how exactly the show’s writers will conclude their tale of William McKinley High School’s underdog show choir (and its all-star alumnae). Heck, Murphy himself is apparently in full brainstorm mode, having told reporters at a Paley Center event honoring FX Networks that he has “a good idea” about “how after Cory [Monteith]’s unfortunate passing, we can end the show” in a way that’s “very satisfactory.”

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Anyhow, while the various Glee endgames are still up in the air, we figured we’d put the fates of 11 key characters up to a vote. So click through the following photos and take the polls that accompany each and every one of ’em. And if you don’t like any of our proposed fates for a particular character, head directly to the comments and propose an idea of your own!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stacey says:

    I can’t see Rachel ending up in Lima. I see them showing her following her heart, and working on her career. If not with Broadway, but echoing Lea’s life. First Broadway, and then Hollywood. And movies and music. BUT, I could see her having a bad first experience with Funny Girl and it sets her back, and she heads back to Lima and helps out with the Glee Club before she flies off for a new adventure in New York or Hollywood in the series finale. I always felt she was supposed to be the other side of the coin of her biological mother Shelby. Instead of giving up a baby for her career, Rachel would proof you could have it all. Love and a career. But with Finn no longer a option. I could see Rachel focusing on her career, and ultimately succeeding.

    • patty says:

      I like this scenario. as hard as it is to realize Rachel will not get that happily ever after with finn. I see Rachel doing a wonderful broadway career and eventually when she’s older, gets married and settle down with a family. of course kurt will always be by her side. I see kurt not getting married with blaine. sorry folks. I don’t want to anger anyone. But I see him finding someone else..he goes off in his own direction and while keeping in touch with Rachel here and there. I see Mercedes successfully being a recording artist but no success in love. I see tina and harry., I hope that’s right name…getting married after all..graduates college, successful careers…..I see mr shue still in lima with a family and continuing the tradition of glee. as how he would want it. and puck after years in the army, reconnects with Quinn….;)

      • patty says:

        and Santana doesn’t do the broadway thing. has little jobs here and there and settles in a relationship with another woman….

      • amelia rose says:

        I’d love a launch into the future, seeing Rache with her huge Broadway/acting career, and Kurt as a huge stylist to the stars. As special as the Rachel and Finn relationship was she always performed her best when she was single and continues in that direction but like her mother wants something more down the line. Kurt, and whoever he finds himself with, also wants something more and they decide to have a child together. The ending shows our once rivals happily co-parenting a talented little boy, perhaps with the middle name of Finn, with the occasional help from their friends and family.

      • turboXX3 says:

        I like this. The true aim of this finale is for all the characters to have some closure. They should all be included, even for a little time. I would like the idea that Sue Sylvester takes over the Glee club in finale and organises a tribute to Will Schuster, inviting all the original members. At the same time, Will will be pursuing a role in Broadway. But the tribute will feature and honor Finn, with more specific flashbacks of his actions during high-school, as they spend time together remembering him and all of this journey. Rachel will find success and a husband, and be happy. Quinn should definitely be in it, married with Puck probably while they have introduced themselves to their kid (or with Sam just because they are so cute together). Puck will be successful in Army. Sam will be a song-writter. Mike and Tina together (Mike dancer and Tina vocal teacher). Artie will be a successful director. Mercedes will be a successful singer. Santana will be reunited with Brittany and become a TV Show Host (Brittany Coach of the Cheerios). Kurt and Blaine will get married and pursue success in fashion and singing respectively. The tribute will take place around 5-7 years after now and the end will feature an extended video of Cory behind the scenes with the cast. In the very last scene, Will sings “Cant fight this feeling” and the show ends when they are ready to start throwing slushies to each other. The last song would be good as a duet with Rachel too. During the episode, the glee club is renamed to “Finn’s New Directions” and every person of the original cast should have a solo (Rachel 2 maybe), in which they remember specific clips and scenes that were shot during past seasons. Finally, the episode should be a double-episode, in a movie style.

        • HPFroggie says:

          me likey your idea. Finally someone who doesn’t hate on Klaine or Blaine specifically.

        • Roisin says:

          That is the most amazing idea ever. Glad that someone finally mentions TIKE? Seriously how does nobody care about them, i really do hope Ryan Murphy writes that they get back together. Mike is such a forgotten character, but he is soo lovely <3

  2. Jacqi says:

    How about wedding to blaine and then the whole graduation from broadway, musical one

    • ajintexas says:

      How about they are all at the airport, and they board a plane for a big adventure outside of the US. And then that plane slams into a mountain at 500 mph obliterating them all from existence in a giant fireball. I would totaly watch that finale.

    • AJ says:

      Kurt is obviously going to get success – if not on Broadway than in fashion – and the big fairytale wedding to Blaine. It’s what I want too, so it works out for me.

      • Kyle says:

        Kurt Is going to achieve his dreams and ambitions and be an outstanding success and part of that should and hopefully will be realizing that he can do a hundred million times better than having Blaine as his boyfriend and that he dumps his cheating and abusive ass and then gets his independence, his self confidence and his drive back. He needs to know and understand that he should not ,under any circumstances, get married to the self centered, selfish,, cheating, abusive,,victim blaming, guilt misplacing,, attention whore that is Blaine Anderson.
        Kurt does NOT need a relationship to validate him or his talent and ability to succeed.

        Kurt deserves better.

        And Kurt deserves better than the choices you gave for him in this Poll TV Line. Shame on you Michael Slezak!!!!!

        • done with stupid trolls says:

          you are a complete idiot “Kyle”

        • Haylee says:

          How the hell is Blaine abusive??!! He was the only one who helped Kurt in s2. No one understood what he was going through, except Blaine. He is the ONLY one who could relate completely to what Kurt was going through. He makes Kurt happy and Blaine loves him with all of his heart, and like it or not, Kurt loves him right back. They’re engaged for crying out loud. Blaine messed up, big time, we all get that. He cheated. And hated himself for it. But when has he ever abused Kurt. Hes never laid a hand on him except to comfort him, or hug him, or hold his hand. He’s never verbally abused him either, I don’t know what show you’re watching but the only things I have EVER heard Blaine tell Kurt is that he’s amazing, he loves him, he’s his soulmate, he’s sorry, he wants to spend the rest of his life with him etc. Sorry for my rant, but are you even WATCHING the same show???

  3. S says:

    -Let’s just hope that with the last season and a half of Glee that they can really fine tune things. Who knows how many episodes GLEE will have next season, given the dismal ratings, so it might just be another 15-18 this season and another 12 next. So with the 30 or so episodes left they can really focus on the people we care about, and lose the new kids aka the 2.0s.
    -I want to see Brittany back, I want to see more Mercedes or at least hear her(because her voice is still one of the best on the show), I want to see more of the NY side period. Finish up the high school setting, bring Artie and Blaine to NY and get Brittany and Mercedes there. That’s a decent show with Kurt, Santana and Rachel. If they want to drop in on Lima a little go for it, but not too much because I’ve seen the Lima side before, it’s called Seasons 1-3. So I don’t really know how I want the characters to Exit because there is way too much time left for them to either mess up altogether or maybe redeem themselves. We’ll see how Ryan Murphy and Company decide to handle things going forward.

    • Jenna says:

      Bad ratings? They’re still FOX’s highest rated scripted show. Not to mention they’re on the most competitive night up against some of the highest rated shows. Also, glee is still one of the msot downloaded and DVR’d shows. Just because people no longer watch it live… doesn’t
      mean people don’t watch it. Heck… I’m the biggest gleek and even I don’t watch it live. I don’t like watching ads.

  4. alistaircrane says:

    Bring back Terri and have her reunite with Will. Show Emma what it feels like to have your husband stolen away!!!! Bitch!

    • JOsh says:

      Seriously? How is Emma the bitch? She didn’t do anything wrong in that situation.

    • skyfiredancer says:

      You need to review the original episodes – Terri was nuts….she FAKED a pregnancy and was planning on going all the way to full birth. Then taking Quinn’s baby as her own to fool Will into thinking it was his kid. Emma didn’t STEAL Will away – Terri drove him away with her psycho personality and non-stop lies. Emma had nothing to do with Terri wearing a fake prego stomach…that was all Terri.

  5. Fernanda says:

    I want my Klaine wedding, they are the endgame couple of the show. They’re going to be married and successful in their careers, Blaine will be a songwriter and Kurt will be Ryan Murphy and he will proudce Ohio Horror Story

    • perfect says:

      “he will proudce Ohio Horror Story” sobbing. also, how hilarious is it that TV Line’s endgame with Kurt breaking up with Blaine involves an unexpected romance with a NYC doctor type??? lol SPOILER ALERT, Blaine is gonna decide to be a doctor in episode 6. That proposal was right, they’ll always find each other.

    • Danyelle says:

      I read on an obscure Ukrainian Tumbler site called Me Glee Super Fan Like America Special that Klaien is not end game, that there is a hot dog vendor character coming in 6×09 and 7×37 that will love him long time. TVline is behind times, so bad. hurts

  6. Montavilla says:

    I don’t really see Kurt pursuing an acting career. He finally realizes that his true passion is writing critiques of celebrity fashion don’ts, and starts a magazine snarking pop culture. He can marry Blaine eventually, if he likes, and become first hubby.

  7. Kelly says:

    Rachel’s on Broadway and she gets her first Tony for Funny Girl and she dedicates her award to Finn. – This would be perfect.

  8. Lysh says:

    I want to see Rachel 84 years from now, talking about her wonderful Broadway career and how she couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for her incredible time in Glee. And then she’ll pass away and she’s young again in an empty school in Lima but it’s all white and heavenly, she opens the door to the music room, and we just see her face and she smiles and says, “Finn.”

    And I hope Tina does a killer ballad at Nationals. The show treats her awfully and I just want her to have her moment.

  9. Shaun says:

    Wow so mean to Tina. I hope she doesn’t leave after season 5, even though the writers has been doing their best to destroy her character. Shes part of the original 6. Don’t let her go just before the end. Maybe she can join Mercedes in LA and start their own story arc.

    Forget about Lima this season. It’ll be difficult to continue the Lima story line on the final season if half of the Glee club is graduating on the middle of the current season.

  10. Four years later than it should have ended but at least it will be done and gone. But not before we see the writers developer even more ‘lets blur the line’ stereotypes and topics of social justice discussions. Oh yay…

  11. Jaime says:

    I realize it may be too soon to really talk or think about it, but I hope that Rachel does find love after Finn. His death was a heartbreaking tragedy but the idea of Rachel spending the rest of her life forever mourning him and shutting herself off from love ever again is too unbearable to even contemplate.

    • Eric says:

      This. It doesn’t have to be a big epic love, but even just the beginning of her REALLY moving on and a realization that she can and will love again. If they can teach one realistic lesson from Finn’s death it’s that life goes on and people move on. You never forget the ones you lost but your heart makes room for new love and new friendships. She’s still a teenager. There’s someone out there for her.

  12. Molly says:

    I hope Kurt doesn’t do Broadway. I could see him becoming a fashion writer instead. Someone on that show needs to not try and be a celebrity.

    Also, I wish “fall down a very deep well never to be seen again” was an option for Will.

  13. briteyezz says:


    • Brittanaholic09 says:

      the same here

    • skyfiredancer says:

      I think she may have been off because she just gave birth to her first child – – not sure if that is the reason, but she is so slim and tiny any extra weight would be noted….and OH BOY would Sue have a field day with that

  14. Kate says:

    No option for Blaine to amicably break up with Kurt? Lame. I’m so sick of them together. Kurt actually has a spine without Blaine, and Blaine doesn’t act like an obsessed maniac with Kurt. They are far better apart as characters.

    Also, I want a Tony and a romance for Rachel, for Tina to kill it at Nationals even if they lose, for Sam to go to clown college in Kentucky where he belongs, for Mercedes to get a hit song, for Kurt to work on writing musicals with a mature and likeable new boyfriend who won’t cheat as an inspiration, and for Santana to keep making commercials and do some small time acting while she dates Dani or more new girls.

    Will… he’s just seems over the Glee club club now. His heart’s not in it anymore and I don’t blame him; the new group sucks. He should just move to NY with Emma and teach inner city kids that need inspiration and guidance.

  15. Sarah says:

    I just want Blaine to have his happy ending. For Kurt to finally fully express his feelings for him and for us to see Blaine follow his passion in New York. It would be nice to have Kurt support Blaine in his endeavors — be a supportive boyfriend, which is seriously lacking right now. Maybe have Blaine start a movie career? No doubt he’d be a hit in there. Maybe even on Broadway. Kurt should go back to Vogue and write about fashion, I don’t think singing is his true passion. Blaine however, always had a tendency to be on the piano. He deserves to finally shine and have people recognize his talent.

    Rachel should shine on Broadway obviously. Maybe Blaine and her could be in a play together, that would be a nice throwback to season 3.

    Santana should settle with Dani; they seem to be the lesbians who will nest in a couple episodes anyway. I mean, they were already girlfriends after ten minutes of screentime. Let Santana have someone who loves her fully. No need for the writers to bring back Brittany, she was a disaster.

    • LaurenRose says:

      Kurt is plenty supportive of Blaine when the show let’s him actually talk and do things. It only seems like it’s been lacking lately because they haven’t really done much by way of things Kurt would support Blaine over. First they were broken up and Blaine hasn’t gotten a storyline since they got back together, so what would Kurt be supporting him over? Blaine has a plotline coming up about his post-graduation plans and he’s going to be in NY for part of that episode, so I’d assume they would show Kurt being supportive there. And I think organizing a courtyard performance to show he wants to get back together with Blaine and saying “yes” to marrying him show his feelings pretty well.

    • Kylie says:

      Wow, yes – let’s rag on Kurt for not having been a supportive boyfriend in the past season after Blaine CHEATED ON HIM quickly and for no real reason (and no, a few missed phone calls while Kurt was working did not give Blaine reason to cheat). Seriously? I’m glad Klaine are back together (even though I wish the writers had focused more on Kurt’s side leading up to the reunion since that was the more important one) but I think Blaine still has a lot of making up to do for his cheating. Yes, Kurt should be supportive of Blaine, but more importantly we need to see Blaine be super-supportive of Kurt and show him how much he loves him and how happy he is about having gotten a second chance. Season 4 focused almost only on Blaine in the Klaine storyline, so I hope that season 5 will focus mainly on Kurt instead!

    • Sam says:

      Is this a joke?

    • Kell says:

      Seriously? People FINALLY recognize his talent and shine? Kurt lacking on supporting Blaine? Where were you since season 3? The show is practically Blee (Not complaining much, ’cause I love most of the songs he gets to play) but he hasn’t had a plot line in which Kurt could support him. I mean when he needed someone to talk to ’cause he felt bad about cheating on his boyfriend, he obviously couldn’t talk to Kurt about that; or about his crush on Sam. I don’t really understand what are you talking about.

    • Lucy says:

      This all sounds nauseating to me, at least all of the Blaine stuff does. I wish he would just disappear. He’s been seriously overexposed and the ratings are showing that people are sick of it.

      • K says:

        Oh please. The failure of Glee can’t be blamed on one character. The reason the ratings are bad are because of the terrible storylines, lack of continuity, and the little to no emotional investment in the recycled characters they brought in to replacement the original cast. Ditch the newbies, bring back the characters we care about like Quinn and Mercedes, give everyone some actual development, and stop with the repetitive storylines. (Seriously, how many times do we have to hear Sue’s “destroy the Glee club?”) Then perhaps Glee’s ratings will go up.

        • Lucy says:

          I think people got tired of it being the Blaine show a long time ago. Maybe if they’d let Glee remain an ensemble the ratings wouldn’t have gotten so bad. It was so great to see the original case in the Finn tribute episode. I even cared about Puck in that episode. Even better was the fact that Blaine got almost no airtime.
          So, yeah, I can blame Blaine if I want for Glee’s downturn and I think there are alot of people who would agree. If they’re still watching that is.

          • LaurenRose says:

            You can blame Blaine if you want, but you still sound like an illogical bitter person because the idea that one character coming along (a character who was a background player in season two and hardly did anything in season three except sing) and being solely responsible for a show’s downfall is absolutely preposterous with a show that has so many characters and so many factors going on. Especially when that character is generally well-liked by most of the audience. (I’m sure there are plenty who are indifferent to him, but hardly anyone hates him.) I think K’s reasons (all working together, because ensemble shows don’t tend to fall because of one thing) are far more linked to the show losing ratings than the mere existence of Blaine. I also find it funny that there were several characters that were clearly getting far more storylines than everyone else last season (Blaine, Rachel, and Sam, for the most part if we’re sticking to non-newbs, though they got quite a lot as well), yet the only one you think was getting unbalanced screentime and caused the downfall of this show was Blaine.

          • Stephanie says:

            Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Yes! When Glee was a true ensemble and had some balance, it was much better. Everyone had a voice. The storylines were strong and made a difference. The bullying storyline for Kurt and David K was so very well done, plot, story and performances. However, similarly important storylines are now messed up, though the “Shooting Star” episode was very well done.

            The BEST of times was s1-2, when the veterans were a group of disparate styles, appearances, backgrounds and voices. Their vocal ensembles joined all the different voices into a tapestry of sound; their personalities did the same for stories. And they were misfits. Now, the ND are a homogenous group of bland characters (the cast are fine). Only Unique and Kitty stand out from the new characters. NONE of the ND have been bullied since Blaine came to WMHS, except for Unique and Jake (minor for Jake). No one volunteered to help Unique, just as no one volunteered to help Kurt until it was almost too late. But they did help Tina. (Blaine’s speech was KURT’s speech, by the way, almost verbatim. It couldn’t have hurt to reference the Prom Queen incident (i.e. we learned from this).

            And while I respect Darren Criss, I am really tired of Blaine and Blee. He gets to go over-the-top and freak out over texts (slut-shaming Kurt in public) then have sex with a /random and everyone feels BAD for Blaine because Kurt won’t forgive him (cruel Kurt!)….Not to mention little things like trying to force Kurt into having sex while drunk (Blaine gets drunk & gets handsy…great example for youth). Blaine jumps all over furniture, but Kurt raising his hands during an audition is “too much” and he “doesn’t fit in”….

        • 504 says:

          Agreed,on everything you’re saying.

    • My god, are you trying to be a parody or something? LOL Kurt not being supportive of Blaine, I guess the Glee you watch, is the one inside your Blaine stanning head.

    • Cam says:

      Literally everything about this post is awful. Congrats.

  16. LaurenRose says:

    I don’t see why Kurt and Blaine can’t get married AND be successful in their careers. Why do we have to choose between them?

    • Vanessa says:

      THIS! I don’t get how these choices are set up. But then again, this *is* TV Line and they are known to be the one big media outlet that has always disliked Klaine …!

      Anyway, I want to see Kurt and Blaine together as a couple and still want them both to find successful careers!

    • fr says:

      choose none of the options then.

    • dee smith says:

      I agree that success in a career and in your personal life is the best route!

  17. Zoe says:

    I would love to see Santana do some more commercials! That last one was gold! I do think she should settle with Dani. They’re pretty cute together and she makes Santana smile so I’m good. Brittany had a great send-off last year and Heather is happy and focusing on her family.

    • Rach says:

      I agree, but since Demi Lovato will only be there for six episodes, it’d be nice if they introduced a new lesbian on the show. This time an unknown but talented singer/actress so she can be endgame for Santana and stay for the entire season 6.

      • Jillian says:

        Demi’s tenure can always be extended. Though she is going on tour Feb-end of March, if X-Factor gets canceled, I can see her sticking on Glee for the final season which would be solely based in NY

      • Olivia says:

        Given that I only watch the NY web edits, I really need Sam and Blaine to go anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE but NYC.

        And for Santana, I’d be ok with Dani being the one she ends up with, or a new girl as long as she doesn’t end up with Brittany (unless she comes back with a personality transplant after some time in MIT and she actually behaves like and adult and they don’t do the tired “hey look, there is a guy in the middle… dramaaaaaa!” for the 945795th time).

  18. BrownCoatsForever says:

    Death, to all characters. This show is getting it’s ending 5 seasons too late, should’ve been cancelled before it premiered. Bring back Firefly!!!

  19. 504 says:

    Mercedes to have a real music career signed to a real label. And,for her to be at the top of the charts. Nominated for some well a lot of awards ”BET”,”MTV”,”AMA’s” and of course Grammy’s. ”Samcedes” needs to be put back together for sure. Besides,that. ”RIB” drop those prototypes. Bring back the originals,because that’s what people really care about. Write good material.Choose song choices and who will be singing them wisely. Equal plot/storyline/character development and screen time for all the original characters not just a few. Sigh….but,hey I can only wish.

  20. Santana being a waitress and living with dani that sounds so sad and not glamorous enough for Santana Lopez. Don’t really care for Dani so I am hoping Santana finds success and she dates other girls. Since the show focused majority of time on Brittana regarding Santana’s life I wouldn’t mind if they got back together. The show is ending anyways right so just let her be with Brittany why not. Let Brittany get a happy ending too with her love life.

  21. EL says:

    Why does Kurt not have a fantastic ending! he deserves one! he too has the talent to make it big and if he wants to marry Blaine, let him! my parents have been together since they were 14. I know it doesnt happen often, but high school sweethearts to exist. and now since Finn is gone, one couple could make it!

    • Sam says:

      “[…] and now since Finn is gone, one couple could make it.” WOW, that isn’t gross or anything.

    • jj says:

      That would be good if Blaine was a decent human being, but he is a jerk who treats Kurt horribly. He doesn’t love Kurt. He loves being in love. You could stand Blaine next to a scarecrow and he would profess his undying love to it. Kurt deserves better than Blaine. Blaine is the worst thing that ever happened to Kurt and to Glee.

      • Marie says:

        @JJ I agree 100% The worst thing Kurt could do is actually Marry Blaine. Kurt deserves better.

        He also has the talent and ability to become a STAR on Broadway and not simply a supporting actor. What are these choices for Kurt TV Line?

  22. 504 says:

    Really firefly?….. Glee has one more season. RIB & writers y’all gotta to better. No need to do better. Especially on the last season.

  23. Metoo says:

    I know I’m totally in the minority here, but now that Finn is gone, I would like to see Rachel with Will.

    • Chris says:

      Um, are you forgetting Will is married and the entirety of the show was of him pursuing Emma?

      • Metoo says:

        I’m not forgetting anything. Divorces happen, or did you forget that they were both married to other people? I’m not saying it’s going to happen–as I stated, I realize I’m in the minority–but if everyone else gets to play ‘fantasy Glee ending’, so do I.

  24. mandy says:

    Something with Sam being rich and successful enough to flat out save his family and have a lovely life in the city of their choice. Maybe his success allows his parents to start a great family business

  25. Timmah says:

    So now Michael is snubbing Quinn too?

    • fr says:

      good. He was just featuring those who are basically still with the show. Joe was joke. We aren’t going to see Quinn so just time to get over it. She get a degree in and is successful in what ever and married so snotty East Coast guy just like her and they pretend to be happy.

  26. Sad Gleek says:

    Bring back all the originals. Put the Troubletones back together (Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Sugar) in New York or LA. Let girls have real friendships on this show and stop forcing them into plots with boys. Let Rachel find a new love next season that is nothing like Finn, and Sam disappear back to where ever his parents are. And Blaine find someone elses life to ruin. And Kurt get back into fashion and design for Broadway. And the newbies disappear. And Artie and Tina, or Tina and Mike get back together. And might as well throw Brittany and Santana back together too since they have more history than any other couple on this show and never cheated on each other, supported each other and are actually friends. And let Mercedes get a boyfriend who isnt a bad stereotype or trying to get her to cheat on someone. And let Sugar do something other than prop up Rory and Artie. Her and Brittany could have been perfect for comic relief. Such a wasted opportunity. And have Will and Emma both leave to follow some other dream, maybe mention of a baby later on. And Sue stop being so bipolar since its getting old with her being nice, then mean, then nice, then mean. Boring. And let Beiste find real love with a man who actually treats her right. And have all the graduates, even Puck and Quinn back to talk about how great their lives turned out in the final. Nothing made me sadder than seeing the old cast brought back in season 4 just to ruin their happy endings with no arch or plot to fix it later.

  27. Becky Ann says:

    I think it should end with Lea and Jesse being cast as Fiyero and Elphaba in Wicked and falling back in love in the process.

  28. Alex says:

    Why can’t Kurt and Blaine get the beautiful wedding and successful careers? TV Line, are you making people choose because you’re anti-Klaine? I think so!
    Kurt and Blaine should of course have a beautiful wedding. Kurt should go into fashion or music, and Blaine should go into music or Broadway. Rachel should be on broadway and be single at the end of the series but she can date around. Santana and Dani should be living together by the end of the show. Artie should be at school in New York. Tina should go to theatre school Chicago and Sam should go to LA and be superstar Mercedes’s pool boy.

  29. Jillian says:

    A good ending for Rachel would be her winning a Tony and dedicating it to her unnamed husband (who the audience will never know) and her son who she named after Finn

    • Chris says:

      Umm…that would make Rachel a total bitch. Would you wanna be married to a woman who names your child after her dead high school boyfriend? Sounds creepy to me..

      • Francine says:

        A bitch? Creepy? How is it creepy to want to name your child after a person who meant a lot to you? People do that all the time with family members. Boyfriend or not, I just see that as a sign of respect and affection. Its not like the husband would need to feel threatened by anything. I don’t know, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion but I don’t get how that would make her a bitch at all.

  30. Sophia says:

    Santana and Dani ENDGAME!! Santana deserves someone who fully appreciates her and Dani does :) Can’t wait for more of them and cute girlfriend moments like we had in episode 2. Oh and Demi might not be in all of season 5 but with all the hype around her I wouldn’t be surprised FOX secure her for season 6 since the XFactor will probably be canceled. They can live together in a studio (maybe Dani’s apartment?) and Blaine can take Santana’s place in the loft to live with his future hubby. Santana should be in a good TV show or something.

  31. Chris says:

    These options are set up strangely. Kurt and Blaine should marry each other AND have success. Rachel should be successful and not be forced to mourn Finn forever alone.

    • Vanessa says:

      Amen to this! I want Kurt and Blaine to be happy together as a couple AND to find success in their chosen careers. And I want Rachel to become a broadway star AND find a new romance. Why should we have to choose? These options they are giving us are so weird …

    • K says:

      Agreed. Why can’t Kurt and Blaine marry each other and have their successful careers? That’s what I want to see happen. And I really want to see Rachel move on and find love again (perhaps even bring back Jesse), all the while having an amazing career on Broadway.

  32. Lana says:

    Basically bring back the originals and:
    -Mercedes- superstar musical diva topping the charts and reunification with season THREE Sam. NOT whatever this character is now that’s been called Sam since season 4 and 5. We no like that Sam. That Sam dumb-lol
    -Rachel- Broadway star. It’s found out that Finn didn’t really die in an explosion that they thought he died in. Rachel found him with amnesia somewhere in the alps and they reunite (offscreen of course) and she sends a postcard saying they’re reunited and she never stopped believing.
    -Santana- becomes a fashion designer and dancer and reunites and marries Brittany.
    -Kurt- goes into fashion business with Santana. Stays bffs with Mercedes and Rachel and I guess marries Blaine… but maybe finds someone better?
    -Quinn- for one she’s REMEMBERED and reunited with Puck and they get the chance they never really got in high school and she becomes some no take prisoners CEO of her own company.
    -Tina- reunited with Mike who is now a famed dance coach who has opened a dance studio with Brittany who is also a dance instructor.
    -Artie- film director, married to Kitty
    That’s the only ones I care about, so yeah.
    That, or we just pretend it ended at the end of season 3 and we make our own endings in our minds.

  33. Tom Charles says:

    General doom for Rachel with no upside. Sue someplace other than ohio state. Like, maybe, I don’t know, MIami of Ohio, Bowling Green, Youngstown State, ANYWHERE but ohio state. Kurt and Blaine together doing what they want. Santana as Wonder Woman sounds nice, with Brittany waiting for her at home. Trouty mouth gets the same as Rachel. Mercedes should have a decent career. Will and Emma having an adorable daughter, Nationals win and education degree for Tina. Artie at film school roaring success. Joe should not be seen or heard, like trouty mouth or Rachel.

  34. denise cornwall says:

    Big lavish fairytale wedding to blane and graduate nyada and get to broadway x

  35. denise cornwall says:

    Happy retirement for mr shue and his plaque on the wall and a baby on way for him and emma x

  36. denise cornwall says:

    Just a nice ending for joe x

  37. Vanessa says:

    These are strange options because they make it sound as if these characters can only find either professional success OR love. Can’t they have both?!?!?!?

    Here are my choices:

    Kurt: I want him to find success in New York – whether that be at NYADA (and broadway) or at Vogue – and I also want for him to have the lavish wedding to Blaine eventually (preferably not until closer towards the end of the show, though). I’d love to see more of the wonderful friendship between him, Rachel and Santana, and I want to see Klaine treated as an actual relationship (as in: let the boys flirt, be affectionate with each other, talk about their relationship and their future together, and generally do couple-y things).

    Rachel: A successful career on broadway and also a new romance to show her that she can find true love again.

    Blaine: I want him to go to New York, find his dream (professionally), and shack up with Kurt.

    Santana: Hopefully she too will find her dream in NY – find something she is really passionate about. And as with the others, I also want to see her find true love.

    Don’t really care about any of the other characters, and to be honest all I want right now is an NY-only Glee (keeping my fingers crossed that Fox will kick out the newbies and scrap the McKinley side soon)!

  38. Elm says:

    Sue for president!

  39. Ben says:

    Had FOX not agreed to renew Glee for two seasons last year, then I am sure Glee would be wrapping up at the end of this season – and I doubt the end of Glee has anything to do with the loss of Cory Monteith – its more a case of the ratings slipping – and the realization that the show either should have ended once the original 30 year old kids graduated high school – or the fourth season should have dealt exclusively with Rachel, Kurt, Santana and the rest in NYC and not have spent any time at McKinley High – the split last season did not work at all – the new 30 year old teens do not work – and the “excuses” for bringing back the originals like Mercedes and Mike just don’t work – as a whole, the show really doesent work – the only way it could at this point would be if they abandoned that narrative structure and treated the show simply as a singing/variety show – thats really all most people care about are the singing performances anyway – I stopped paying the scripts any mind long ago

    • flutiefan says:

      and i fast-forward through most of the songs. they all sound the same anyway. i just wanna know what happens to the characters, however thin the plots may be.

  40. Jenny says:

    Pretty much for Rachel to find Broadway success as well as love again. Like someone else said, it doesn’t have to be a major romance but just the idea that she sees even though she will always love Finn, he would want her to be happy and find live again. In the end show you can have it all.

    Kurt is the only one I have a completely different choice. I want him to see fashion is his future. He attends fashion school in New York and gains his success after winning Project Runway.

  41. Jen says:

    How cruel a fate for Tina! The absolute worst thing that could happen to her is for her to just ride off into the sunset after being neglected for so long! It’s bad enough she was stuck in a relationship for two seasons that literally only existed so they wouldn’t have to give her anything!

  42. Mark says:

    Blaine getting hit by a car and Kurt regaining his self respect and personal agency would be on my list.

    • SM says:

      Thank you!!!! Not a truer statement out there. Kurt has lost his character and spunk, and is as bland as bland Blaine. I wish Blaine would just disappear.

    • michele says:

      wow you’re disgusting.

    • Kelly says:

      Wow, you’re nice. *sarcasm* Blaine haters are the worst kind of character haters on Glee. You know why? Because you guys are vile and mean to people who do like Blaine.

      • dc stans arebs says:

        Yeah Blaine stans are so nice. So many jockeying for Klaine to be the new it couple days after Cory’s death or those arguing over Darren getting a song in the Finn’s tribute not becasue of Cory or Finn but jsut to have Darren sing ever more. Great people.

    • Dee says:

      Kurt already lost his mom and brother I’m sure losing his fiance the man he loves will just do wonders for his mental health.
      Blaine haters are horrible people.

      • jj says:

        Actually, it’s the Blaine stans and Klainers who are really just Blaine stans in disguise who are the worst. They attack people who say even mild criticism to their precious cupcake. They attack and threaten RIB. They attack and threaten Chris if he says anything againt Klaine. They attacked Oliver just for being the actor who portrayed what would have been a potentially good boyfriend for Kurt (Adam was better to Kurt than Blaine ever was, and Chris and Oliver were fantastic together). Some of these Blaine/Klaine stans even bring it to real life and attack Chris and Darren’s significant others because these people are so crazy and delusional that they think Chris and Darren are a couple when it is clearly evident that is not the case. People are lashing out against Blaine because we are sick and tired of being attacked by Blainers and Klainers for expressing out opinions. It’s been going on for three years now, and it’s beyond ridiculous.

        • Angela says:

          Here’s a novel thought: the extreme responses on BOTH sides are horribly immature, annoying, and pointless.
          When people start actively engaging in actual fights and slinging nasty insults over FICTIONAL characters, on either end, that is the time they need to be sat down and get the reminder that it’s just a TV show.

        • Amy says:

          Adam was better to Kurt than Blaine ever was? Seriously? Adam had maybe 5 minutes of screentime, half of which was spent standing around in the background. We never actually saw Adam in boyfriend-capacity because whatever relationship he and Kurt had happened off-screen, so it’s impossible to say what kind of boyfriend he would have been long-term (just look at Brody – he started as a nice guy and ended as a male prostitute). Blaine on the other hand spent several years being supportive of Kurt. I hate that he cheated, but sometimes we make stupid mistakes in life and still deserve a second chance. Blaine isn’t the devil, no matter how much you Blaine/Klaine haters are trying to make people believe that. And you want to know why Adam and Kadam ended so apruptly? Not because of Klaine fans. It happened because A) Chris and Oliver had no chemistry, B) the way Adam was written he came across as a ridiculous joke, and C) Adam/Oliver was NOT well-received at all by many viewers and the media. Many professional reviews made fun of him and the fact that he looked about 35 years old (they called him things like “methhead grandpa” and “forty-something euro trash”, and that came from respected and well-known reviewers!). Fox sees that stuff, and that’s why he was sawed off so quickly. And let me say right here that I was not opposed to Kurt getting a new boyfriend for a while before reuniting with Blaine – I actually wanted that to happen, but I did not like Adam or Oliver and that killed all the potential for “Kadam” for me (with a different actor it might have been different). And for god’s sake, don’t act like all Klaine fans are “just Blaine stans who don’t care about Kurt” – it’s utterly ridiculous. I am primarily a Kurt fan, as are many Klaine fans, but unlike the Blaine-haters I actually care about Kurt’s happiness (and not just on the condition that the reason for his happiness matches up with my head canon, like some of you), and like it or not but Blaine makes him happy.

      • Kurtishq says:

        I don’t understand how Rachel gets a Tony in her options but Kurt, at best, has a supporting roles in musicals. That’s his best bet? Kurt Hummel, the boy who was bullied for years, who almost lost both his parents and did lose his brother? Who has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with a controlling, manipulative, narcissistic asshole – are you telling me that he doesn’t deserve the best of everything?

        No, he should NEVER go back to Lima – he fought so hard to get out. He shouldn’t marry Blaine – I doubt anderson can manage to be faithful to kurt with all the “attention” that the gay men of NY will be showering on him. His split from Bland should be one appropriate to a diva of his caliber.

        Kurt Hummel deserves the world. He is the character that brought attention to an otherwise below-average show. He is the character portrayed by Golden Globe winning, Emmy nominated Chris Colfer. After the amazing development Chris has shown in Kurt (even if it was regressive in the later seasons, thanks to Andersucks), Kurt Hummel deserve to ride off into the sunset as the undefeated, untouched Diva he is.

        Its about freaking time he gets his turn, don’t you think?

        (And yes, I do hate Blaine and his shallow one-dimensional personality. You can keep your special snowflake. I’ll take my complex, conflicted and amazingly flawed Kurt Hummel any day)

        PLEASE, stop forcing him to play house with Blaine when he can do so much better. He’s just 20, at least let him achieve his dreams before you tie him down? But who am I kidding? Kurt will be continue to suffer in the hands of bad writing and fandom pressure because, you know “kLENDGAME!!!!!!!!11111”

        • moclan says:

          Agree. Kurt deserves happiness and success, he deserves better than Blaine.

        • stans says:

          No it says he would be successful. The supporting roles are the meaty roles and also probably gives him more choices. . I love Kurt and Chris but do you even know how annoying it is to when his stans throw out his resume every second. We know and be assured Kurt will be successful.

    • LaurenRose says:

      I love how Kurt only has personal agency to you people when he’s making decisions you agree with. Anything else is just Kurt having no self-respect. Some Kurt fans you are.

      • Janette says:

        Exactly, Most Klaine fans don’t care about Kurt. They only care about their precious Blaine and simply want Kurt there because that is what Blaine wants and what Blaine wants Blaine gets. So according to them poor Kurt should be happy to be wanted by the precious, special little snowflake Blaine no matter how many times Blaine cheats on him, publicly humiliates him, abuses him, and ignores his opinion and needs. They are not Kurt fans.

        • Klaine haters are the worst says:

          Lol you are dumb. LaurenRose is talking about Kurt “fans” who are mad that Kurt loves Blaine and freely chose to get engaged to him. Fake fans!
          And your description of Klaine fans is such an over the top lie. Do you haters even hear yourselves?

          • Matt says:

            Do you Blaine stans even ever hear YOURSELVES?!!!!!
            You are the blind ones. You are the haters and the bullies.. The ‘Blaine haters’ as you call them, are simply people who continually give reasoned and very well evidenced arguments about how abusive the kliane relationship is. They use canonical evidence and the Klaine fans simply try to shout it down by calling them haters, bullies or saying that Klaine is engame and they’re soulmates and that the haters have to just get over their bitterness and deal with it.

            No. There are many different opinions, and if those opinions are well thought out, well argued and well evidenced then those opinion are valid and should be heard whether or not YOU klaine stans want them to be.

      • Amy says:

        Agreed. There’s a contingent of “Kurt fans” who keep saying all they want to see is Kurt being happy, but then when he *is* happy they don’t like it because they don’t like the reason for his happiness. And they say Kurt has no self-esteem simply because they don’t like the choices he makes. Probably the same people who say that Kurt thinks no one but Blaine will ever love him, even though that is NOT what Kurt said. He said that he doesn’t think that *he* himself will ever feel that way about someone else, and that’s a completely different thing. Anyway, those people are not Kurt fans – they just like the idea of Kurt they have in their heads, and now they are disgruntled because that idea does not match up with reality.

        • Jason M says:

          I think you are more describing the Klaine/blaine fans who like to pretend to like and value Kurt as an individual, but who most vertainly do not know or understand or even care about Kurt. I can remember all last season after The Break up, the Klaine fans continually complaining because Kurt was not forgiving Blaine and were blaming Kurt for Blaine cheating (Many still do), or showing Blaine the worship they felt he needed and so on and so forth. It was relentless, and not only were the complaints found on just about every Klaine article/Glee site going, but many Klainers also bullied Chris himself mercilessly whenever he said something about his character and Klaine that did not match what the Klainer’s wanted (That bullying of Chris also still happens)

          You Klainers are the worst hypocrites and the worst bullies in the Glee fandom. and the worst whiners and complainers, especially when it comes to Kurt, Kurt’s fans, Chris and Chris’ fans.

          • Chrissa says:

            You’re confusing Blaine fans with Klaine fans here. Yes, some (not all!) Blaine fans blamed Kurt for not forgiving Blaine more quickly, but the Klaine fans did not! I am primarily a Kurt fan so don’T even say that all klaine fans only pretend to care about him or that we don’t understand him. I hate that Blaine cheated and that Kurt got so little POV in the aftermath, but that’s just Glee – the show isn’t well-written, and never will be.
            And no, it’s not Klainers who are the worst “bullies” – it’s the Blaine/Klaine-hating Kurt fans who are so stuck in their hate that they don’t even see how ridiculous most of their arguments (“Blaine is abusive”, “Blaine sexually assaulted Kurt in 3×05”, “Blaine is selfish and cruel and never supports Kurt”, etc.) really are. Also, the Klaine fans aren’t the ones who are continously twisting the character’s words to fit what they want it to mean – again, that’s a certain contingent of Kurt fans who are painting a picture of Kurt (and what he is saying) that simply does not match what happened on the show in reality at all. If you hate Kurt’s storylines so much these days then maybe you should just stop watching the show. That would certainly save you a lot of anger and hate.

        • edt says:

          What I wish for all the Blaine/Klaine fans that say that Klaine is a healthy relationship – that you are given the gift of the same type of relationship. That would be karma at it’s best.

  43. Mr. John says:

    The biggest problem for a happy ever after for Rachel is time. They’re slowing things down on the show so that a season is less than a year. When the series ends, it may be only a few months after Finn’s death. If they’re true to the character, she’ll mope for a long time…

  44. Dillon says:

    For Kurt, I wish we had more options than one involving Blaine. He’s going to move on and be much happier.

    • bye says:

      lol keep on dreaming. if you even watched two seconds of kurt in 5×01 you would see he is really happy with blaine. but god knows that basic comprehension skills are lost on klaine haters.

      • jj says:

        Kurt didn’t say yes because of love for Blaine. He said yes because RIB are spineless showrunners who allow loud, obnoxious fangirls to use Kurt like a puppet to feet thier fantasies for Darren Criss.

        • Bridgett says:

          I’m sorry but, you must have missed the past two seasons if you think that Kurt doesn’t actually love Blaine. Klaine haters are so blinded with hate that they can’t even comprehend acting. Kurt is supposed to love Blaine, so if you are a Kurt/Chris Colfer stan, you are insulting the very person you claim to love so much by saying he doesn’t love Blaine.

          • Kurtishq says:

            Actually I am a Kurt stan because I fell in love with the diva from Season 1. If S1 Kurt actually met S4 Kurt, he’d just point at his lack of layers and scoff at his life choices.

            We don’t take all the crap the show spews at face value. Just because its been written doesn’t make it sensible or logical. We complain because “klaine” is pretty much the worst thing to happen to Kurt and that is evident from the continuous “putting-down” of Kurt to an extent where he feels unloved and unsure enough to be terrified of getting engaged to the boy, as you say, he loves.

            Besides, honey, we are not the ones that continually freak Chris out.

          • Nessa says:

            Kurt in season 1 was a miserable, lonely little boy. Kurt now is a happy, in love, successful, confident man. So saying Kurt from season 1 wouldn’t like who he’s turned out to be is a complete joke. Some fan you are if you want him to return to that unhappy life.
            Kurt was terrified to go to New York, terrified to get engaged to Blaine. They’re big scary decisions that he still made as an adult because they are what he wants. Deal with it! “he feels unloved” hah he literally said “Blaine makes me feel so safe, connected and loved” you are beyond delusional!
            I want to see Kurt and Blaine’s lavish wedding as well as Kurt to become a famous fashion critic and Blaine to become an actor.

        • Paige says:

          You know Kurt isn’t a real person, right? Everything he says and does on the show is controlled by the show runners, so if he says yes to a proposal it’s because he wants to be married to Blaine. Do the writers take into account what they think that fans want to see? Of course, sometimes. I mean, that’s pretty much how Brittana came to be. But if you really think that Ryan Murphy is just catering entirely to the whims of fangirls, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s obviously a story he and the writers want to tell – I mean, just look at The New Normal – it was essentially Klaine 2.0. Time to get over the bitterness that Kurt isn’t with your dude of choice.

          • Matt says:

            It isn;t bitterness that Kurt isn;t with the Dude of choice, No one would mind if Blaine really were Kurt’s soulmate and perfect choice, but Blaine has proven time and time again to be abusive, dismissive and unfaithful. That is not a soulmate That is not someone who loves Kurt for Kurt. Kurt is being saddled with a cheating and abusive partner and we are being asked to believe, due to the rushed, manipulated and forced writing of their characters in 5:01, that Kurt is once more not only ready to have Blaine back as a boyfriend, but also ready to marry him, and we are being asked to forget all past events that have happened between Kurt and Blaine and to accept that this relationship is romantic and ideal, when in fact it is unhealthy and abusive. all because the writers want their endgame couple.

            Well I’m sorry, but I for one, and a great many others it seems, am not ready or willing to be forced to watch our favorite character being used and manipulated by the writers like this and to remain silent about it.
            Kurt deserves better.

          • Amy says:

            This is in reply to Matt’s comment: Yes, the cheating was horrible, but other than that Blaine was NEVER abusive or any of that other nonsense. In fact, he was the perfect boyfriend up until he cheated. He was supportive of Kurt, and always made sure that Kurt knew how much he loved him. And no, I’m not a Blaine stan for whom Blaine can do no wrong. I’m primarily a Kurt fan, and I hate that Blaine cheated. But I’m also an adult who knows that sometimes in life people screw up and still deserve a second chance. At least Blaine was truly sorry for what he did, and it’s clear that Kurt and Blaine still love each other. Just because YOU don’t like Kurt’s choices does not mean that they are bad choices. The majority of people (as well as the media, with the exception of TV LIne here) loves Klaine, and I doubt they’d do that if their relationship was abusive or unhealthy or any of the other ridiculous things KLaine haters come up with. And isn’T it funny that many of the same people who keep calling Klaine abusive have always loved the idea of Kurt with Karofsky (who physically and emotionally bullied him for years) or Sebastian (who was never anything but mean to Kurt)? Now those would have been unhealthy relationships!

          • Callum says:

            This is in response to @Amy’s reply to @Matt.

            If you consider, Blaine sexually assaulting Kurt, trying to pressure Kurt into having sex, not because he felt that Kurt was ready, but because he had been told by Artie that to play the role of Tony he needed to have sex, humiliating and publicly shaming Kurt, for receiving flirty/funny texts from Chandler and accusing Kurt of cheating when he had done even worse and for much longer with Sebastian behind Kurt’s back, also suppressing Kurt, effectively telling him to not to try too hard to be noticed, while simultaneously dancing on tables and pulling focus at every opportunity in every performance, and many other things, a perfect relationship, then I pity you.

            Kurt has made many mistakes and has been called out for them all and has also apologized. Blaine has made even more mistakes, many of them very serious character flaws and he has never been called out on the show and as for apologising, he either waits for others (Kurt) to apologize first when they really have nothing to apologize for, or misplaces the blame and blames others, namely Kurt, for his mistakes.

            Yes, Blaine is such a wonderful boyfriend, NOT.

            Kurt deserves better by far!

            And the majority of people do not like Klaine however much the Klainers like to claim that the Klaine fandom is the largest or most popular.

            Another thing the Klainers do, is to try to intimidate and bully everyone into keeping silent about their dislike of Klaine and then use the media sites to overwhelm the comments sections about how Klaine is the best thing since sliced bread, attacking any person that might have the audacity to actually speak out negatively and immediately suppressing the person and their negativity and effectively trying to show the media that Klaine is the most popular ship ever and that it has a majority fandom.

            And most of the anti-klainers do NOT ship Kurt with anyone else, although that is an accusation thrown at them by the Klainers constantly, although I fail to see why anyone who ships Kurt with someone else automatically means that their opinion less valid. It isn’t. It is a pathetic argument that the klainers use to try to devalue another opinion that goes against their own.

          • Linda says:

            Callum and Matt – you along with other Blaine and Klaine haters are misrepresenting, misunderstanding if not exaggerating, ignoring or just plain lying about what happened over the course of their relationship. You are also giving Kurt feelings that he never had whilst ignoring feelings he did have. Your belief that the writers would have Kurt (and his friends and family) happy with the abusive monster you have created in your heads (and which does not actually exist on the show) makes little sense.

  45. Sam says:

    I want all of them to find success and I don’t give a crud about their romantic entanglements. The fixation on that over character development has ruined the show. I therefore voted accordingly. Laughing at “A decision to attend UCLA film school, leading to his exit at the end of Season 5” being an option for Artie. Dream big, the show’s only reiterated that he’s headed to NY since coming back. :)

  46. Flo says:

    If the show truly cared about promoting the value of teaching arts education — something it has said all along is Glee’s its number one priority and reason for existing — it would have Rachel and Kurt decided to become teachers and go teach in a small town like Lima where they can give other kids who were like the ones in their glee club the opportunity to learn the invaluable life lessons that they all learned. This would show that fame doesn’t matter nearly as much as teaching people how to be themselves and get along with people who are different than themselves. It would fulfill the speech Rachel gave Finn in Swan Song about winning not mattering nearly as much as the lessons you learn from relationships you develop with people who are different from you.

    But I don’t think there is any chance they’re going to do that.

    So let Rachel end with her Tony. Let Kurt end having written a unique role for himself to star in on Broadway. Let Santana find success of some sort. And show how the lessons they learned from glee club, and the impact Finn had on each of their lives, has been a part of getting them where they are and will stay with them always.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Kurt’s whole dream has been to leave his godforsaken homophobic small town where he was regularly bullied and never come back. Why on earth would you think a worthwhile life for him would be to be stuck back in the same kind of hellhole for the rest of his life?

    • re says:

      Why not have Kurt and Rachel start a camp underprivileged kids to teach them. They can do a lot with fame if they play their cards right. Plus they are sharing their talented with others that may inspire the next generation that is important too.

  47. sasha says:

    You know after the quaterback i wanted Puck to return a changed and mature man from the air force and have him and Rachel fall in love. They were the two most effected by his death.

    • Jenny says:

      I totally thought about and want the same thing. Even if it is towards the end and it is set up that the are together. Even maybe have a scene where they are each “talking” to Finn to asking if he is okay with it and they get a “sign” that Finn is okay with it.

  48. Markus says:

    I hope that Sue finds the love in hier life that she is obviously lacking, making her a nicer person.

  49. Markus says:

    A rise to stardom as a singer/songwriter with her new lover.

  50. kc says:

    the ideas for kurt are dumb, why does he have to choose between love or a career? i think he should find success in the fashion world and eventually he and blaine have the cutest wedding with all of their friends re-united :)