New Spoiler Alert! Explores Walking Dead's 'Red Shirt' Problem, Dissects Divisive Homeland, Previews Bones Nuptials and Beastly Fallout

blog_spoiler_10.18.13This week’s Spoiler Alert! is all about answering burning questions.

For starters, who will perish next on The Walking Dead? Matt Mitovich and I pretty much have that figured out (hint: no one you really care about). Was Homeland‘s wholly divisive, Brody-centric installment the best — or worst — episode in the show’s history? And, if it’s the latter, will the Emmy-winning thriller bounce back this Sunday? Yep, we solved both of those mysteries, too.

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And before the credits roll on this week’s installment, Beauty and the Beast‘s Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan reply to our query about the fallout from Vincent’s memory-deprived freak-out, and Mitovich and I make a bold declaration about this Monday’s Bones wedding that will answer the question, “Is it any good?”

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