'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Bones, Grey's, Arrow and Other Shows Are Faring

Bones‘ Brennan and Booth. Castle‘s Kate and Rick. Scandal‘s Olivia and Fitz. Our favorite shows are all about the couples: the ones we love, the ones we hate and, most importantly, the ones we ‘ship.

In this new TVLine feature, we’ll give you the latest update on some of your favorite duos. Then, you’ll head to the comments to offer your opinion on which couple has the best chemistry as of late or the best shot at ending up together — or at least elicits the biggest “What the frak?” reaction.

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Don’t see your favorite pairing represented here? Give ’em a shout out in the comments, and they might make the next go-around.

What are you waiting for? This ‘ship is about to set sail, so click on the gallery below and hop aboard!

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