New Spoiler Alert!: Castle Preview, Coven Review and Scandal's Operation Remington Revealed?!

blog_spoiler_10.10.13Take “arresting” beauty Stana Katic, add TVLine’s roving (and sharp-dressed) reporter Matt Mitovich, and you get a Spoiler Alert! well-armed with Castle scoop.

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When not (trying not to look like he’s) flirting with Katic, Matt gets her to open up about Beckett’s career options (or lack thereof) and divulge the next obstacle in Caskett’s relationship. Then, back at TVLine HQ, he and Michael Ausiello review the season premieres of American Horror Story: Coven and Scandal (what is Operation Remington?) and analyze Homeland’s possible “F.U. to fans.”

Finally, Aus takes a moment to do something he so rarely does that we can’t recall him ever doing it. Big Bang Theory fans, you’ll especially appreciate it. Press PLAY, and you’ll soon understand why.

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