Bones Recap: Pelant Returns With a New Mystery -- Did the Baddie Meet His End?

Bones Pelant Dies Season 9 RecapThe following contains major spoilers for Monday’s episode of Bones. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The moment has finally arrived, Bones fans: After two seasons of playing cat-and-mouse with the Jeffersonian team — and seriously thwarting the happiness of Brennan and Booth (not to mention their ‘shippers) — Pelant met his end during Monday night’s episode.

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However, the road to killing Pelant wasn’t an easy one — and it came with a major reveal before his demise: The emergence of a female serial killer, whom Pelant is convinced Brennan will never catch without his help. According to the tormentor, the woman is behind the death of several bodies in the Jeffersonian lab and, shockingly, Brennan never put it together.

Initially, it seems like Bones is trying to keep the baddie alive to use him to solve the murder mystery. In fact, the new riddle seems to have the doc falling right into Pelant’s arms as he tries to seduce her. According to Sweets, Pelant believes he can change Brennan’s mind about him like she did with Booth, whom he wants to replace in Brennan’s life. When Sweets asks the FBI agent if Pelant’s done anything to keep him and Brennan from being together, Booth’s silence is all the answer he needs.

Bones Pelant DiesBut just when it seems like Brennan has come to Pelant’s lair to keep him alive, she pulls out a gun. In a way, she’s trying to save Booth, who’s “willing to sacrifice his soul by killing Pelant,” Aldo told Brennan earlier. “For you, of course. It’s always going to come down to you.”

When Pelant sets off an explosion, Brennan loses her upper hand, but Booth rushes in with a gun. She begs him to kill Pelant because she’s not willing to risk Booth’s life, and so he does — finally! And all the dirty business is capped off with another moment fans have eagerly been waiting for: Booth proposes to Brennan, to which she cheekily replies, “If I say yes, will we get married?” before accepting.

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Other highlights from the episode:

* The Jeffersonian team attempting to smoke out Pelant by dissecting and staging a body was Hannibal levels of gross. And how disturbing was it when Brennan realized it was really the body of poor, poor Agent Flynn, who it turns out was only unwittingly working with the baddie?

* Brennan: “I know I always sleep best after several orgasms.”

* Brennan showing her growth (and belief in Booth): “It’s not possible that you’re wrong about Flynn so I’m being completely rational.”

Bones fans, are you relieved that Pelant is gone? What do you think of the new Big Bad? And who’s ready for a wedding?! Grade the episode via the poll below, and hit the comments with your thoughts on the deadly turn.

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