Miley Cyrus Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Skits

Miley Cyrus SNLMiley Cyrus pulled double duty as host and musical guest of this week’s Saturday Night Live. The generally miserable results, though, left the impression that the pop princess shouldn’t quit her day job anytime soon. (To be fair, her performance of “Wrecking Ball” was pretty solid.)

Below, my picks for the week’s Best and Worst moments — most of which put the “sketch” in sketchy:

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Best: Connecticut Mom Talks Grand Theft Auto
Kate McKinnon was brutally funny as Pat Lynhart, a housewife shirking real life in her crazed enthusiasm for the violent video game. Sample zinger: “I shot a stipper in the boob for sport!” (Side note: McKinnon’s Jane Lynch and Tilda Swinton impressions also ruled in an uneven short about Fifty Shades of Grey screen tests.)

Best: “We Did Stop (the Government)”
The lyrics could’ve hit a little harder in this video of John Boehner (Taran Killam) and Michele Bachmann (Cyrus) celebrating the government shutdown in a debauched spoof of Cyrus’ Twerk-tastic video. But the overly tanned Killam writhing and cavorting in tight white tanks and leggings upgraded the material into occasionally LOLzy territory. (The brief shot of Jay Pharoah’s deeply concerned President Obama peering through the blinds was great, too.)

Worst: Piers Morgan Live
Taran Killam and Nasim Pedrad are usually pretty funny in their respective roles as the British CNN talk-show host and Arianna Huffington, but this overly long look at recently aborted Hillary Clinton biopics — and a variety of spoofy spinoffs cropping up in its wake — didn’t have the punch lines to back up its setups (and wasted the week’s sole attempt at finding humor in the Breaking Bad finale).

Worst: Opening Monologue
I counted a single laugh — courtesy of Bobby Moynihan reenacting the “Wrecking Ball” video — in an intro that was remarkable only for its brevity. You put more effort into turning on your computer than the show’s writing staff put into this assemblage of half-jokes about half-shirts and the murder of Hannah Montana.

Worst: Kyle Mooney and Miley Cyrus Rehearsal Sex
A not-very-amusing setup came screeching to a halt after SNL newbie Mooney complained to his buddies that he couldn’t consummate the relationship because the “We Can’t Stop” singer is “like 100 years old.” A complete and total head-scratcher.

What did you think of this week’s SNL? How would you rate Cyrus as host? What were your picks for best and worst sketch? Sound off below!