Fall TV Preview

Arrow Sneak Peeks: Has Laurel Caught the Vigilante? Plus: Meet Black Canary's Sidekick

The femmes are fierce in Arrow Season 2 (premiering Wednesday at 8/7c) — and we’ve got photographic evidence.

As previously reported, Oliver’s ex Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) — blaming the metaphorical “crossfire between two archers” for Tommy’s tragic death — has made it her mission “to bring down the Arrow” aka the last archer standing, says showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. And from the look of one sequence below, she has her prey in sight when she summons a cavalry.

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Also in these photos from Episode 3: Escaped convict Barton Mathis (guest star Michael Eklund) grabs Felicity, and Roy crosses paths with a plucky gal dubbed Sin (The Killing‘s Bex Taylor-Klaus). “If the Arrow has Roy [as a potential sidekick], then Black Canary (to be played by Caity Lotz) has Sin,” is how Kreisberg described the new character during TVLine’s fall preview Q&A.

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Casting Taylor-Klaus was a win for Kreisberg, who says that he and his wife were huge fans of the starlet’s work as The Killing‘s Bullet. “Truth be told, we were thinking of killing off [Sin] quickly,” he shared. “But now that we have Bex, we’re keeping her around.”

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  1. Fabiana says:

    I hope that the story of Laurel is good and consistent … and speak soon came to Sara aka “BC” …. because I want Laurel becoming the definitive Black Canary.

  2. Leo says:

    I just wish Roy joins the Arrow crew soon.
    And more Slade Wilson please.

  3. Joey says:

    Good photos. I can’t wait to see Bex’s as her character Sin. She was great on The Killing.

  4. azu says:

    The laurel character is one I really despise. Can they kill her off please? Pretty please, with a bow on top?

  5. LONE says:

    I really want to know what they want, tiranto All contents are owned by Dinah Laurel Lance, to introduce such Content into other characters. I do not like the way Arrow will take this 2nd season, they almost have wrested 80% of the mythology of Black Canary.

    • Priscilla says:

      There’s been three Black Canaries (two different Dinah Drakes, one Laurel) in the comics now and two of them weren’t Laurel. Laurel doesn’t even exist in the comics anymore. Them having someone else be Black Canary is fine as far as the comics go. It’s especially good in this show where Laurel’s a terrible character.

      • Nadia says:

        There is only TWO Black Canaries, Dinah Drake, and Dinah “Laurel” Lance. Dinah Drake, who later becomes Lance, being the mother, and Dinah Lance who is the daughter. There is no second daughter like they are showing on Arrow. Plus, as the producers have said Laurel is going to become the Black Canary, but where Sara has been training for the past how many years? Laurel is still very much a normal day to day human being. They have to give her a storyline. She has to go through her own island, has to hit rock bottom, as we are starting to see now. To get strong, and get up, learn some more moves, get her canary cry, and kick some ass. She has lost alot, Tommy which started the down spiral, the pills and drugs, lost her job. I think she is finally starting to have that revelation that the law can’t always get things done, and that it is manipulated many times by people with money, and power. Her knowing that Sebastian is a bad guy, and finding evidence to prove that fact ( even Felicity believed her), with Slade then screwing her over because she IS RIGHT, and was getting to close to the truth. To her dad not believing her, and Oliver as well, is just the begging of her story. She has to get a bit worse before she can get better. Oliver went through it. Why can’t she?

  6. dude says:

    Not a fan of Felicity’s makeover at all!

  7. James D says:

    To be honest I’m not a fan of how there going about Black Canary. Dinah Lance is Black Canary as far as i’m concerned and instead of wasting time with this bate and switch they should be concentrating on exploring the genisus of Laural becoming BC, is it because they have no faith in Katie Cassidy to carry the story or what. it seems like weak storytelling to me, but I love this show so i wait in anticipation to see what happens. i can’t wait to see what happens with Slade this season, will he become the new deathstroke?

    • A says:

      This so much. Tommy’s death should be more than a catalyst for Laurel (Dinah) to become who she’s destined to be which is Black Canary.

    • Zath says:

      Can it be more obvious, yes they have no faith in Katie Cassidy thats a big part of the problem. Poor casting has led them to contrive storylines like this

  8. TheAppleFour says:

    I am confused, I have seen the PR descriptors for the show coming through stating that the Caity Lotz is called Canary not Black Canary, but here you are referring her to as the Black Canary. If they have in fact called them the same name, then that would be very disappointing.

    While I don’t mind them using Sarah Lance as a spring board in developing this story arc (although how she survived is still an obstacle to get over), but Dinah Laurel Lance should be the first Black Canary. Having two would only lead to comparisons and making it harder for the Katie Cassidy character, as she would only be at the beginning of transition, like Oliver when he first landed on the island and met Yao Fei,

    Now what it Sarah Lance’s name? in the pilot it she is shown as Sarah Lance (clearly shown on the TV news report and credits_ – now there are references to Sara Lance. Any clarity on this issue, because continuity is out the window with this story line.

  9. Shaun Ed says:

    I’m one of the few Arrow fans who likes Laurel. Why do people hate her so much? Certainly not for her looks. Her acting? Because Arrow is a show that has top notch drama. Her story line? You can’t blame her for that. Is it because she is Oliver’s love interest? I personally want her to become Black Canary but I guess its not the case based on this article.

    Moreover, why does Black Canary need a sidekick? Did she have one in the comics? If anyone has to be someone’s sidekick it has to be Thea. Stop adding more major characters in the show. They are ruining the chemistry of everyone. They already got rid of Tommy who was a really good character.

    • LPala says:

      Not her looks? Take a closer look – I think she kinda looks weird, unless they’ve given her some actual eyebrows and a chin. Her acting – gawdawful. Chemistry? She has no chemistry with anyone on the show. However, I’m willing to give her a second chance this season. Stephen Amell’s acting improved over the season, the writing and the episodes improved, so we’ll see.

      • Temperance says:

        Her acting is just fine (as it’s always been) – you just don’t like the way she is written, which I’m not going to argue with you about. They’ve certainly… given her places to go.

      • Wes says:

        @LPala – You just hit the nail on the head


  10. Ross Cooper says:

    Why on earth does Laurel blame the vigilante for Tommy’s death? (1) It was Tommy’s dad who caused the earthquake, (2) She was told twice to stay away from the Glades, (3) She went into to rescue files… yep, paperwork, (4) Tommy died so she wouldn’t have to print stuff out again.

    • Shemica says:

      I totally agree! Now I have another reason not to like Laurel.

    • kougie757 says:

      1. She doesn’t know it was Tommy’s dad, just that it was two arrows.
      2. wouldn’t have been a problem if the arrows weren’t fighting
      3. yet again, wouldn’t have been a problem if the arrows weren’t fighting and yet again number 4.
      seems like everyone just wants to hate laurel to pump felicity up.

      • Ross Cooper says:

        Fraid not, you remember the press conference where Moira very clearly said “the architect of this plan is Malcolm Merlyn”. It’s inconceivable that she doesn’t know. If the two Arrows hadn’t been fighting, both machines would have gone off, without any warning, killing thousands. Finally, you cannot blame someone else for your decision to enter a known danger area for no reasonable purpose. It’s like heading for an erupting volcano because you left your favourite book behind, then blaming HarperCollins for publishing the book.

        • Marc says:

          hahahahahaha. I don’t know one person who thought that it was a good idea for Laurel to be randomly grabbing files while a building crumbles around her. Her father, begged her, begged her to stay away because something bad was going to happen, Oliver also asked her not to go to the Glades, and if that wasn’t enough, debris flying all over wasn’t a sign that you should cut and run, I don’t know what is. Blaming Arrow for Tommy’s death, sure? Yeah, Laurel didn’t “ask” Tommy to rescue her, but let’s just say that if she hadn’t been lying there begging for help, he wouldn’t have been in the building, I wonder if she’ll acknowledge that? I mean, why not, since she’s going to blame it on the arrow, why not share some of the responsiblity as well?

          • John says:

            If anyone is at fault over Tommy’s death that would be Laurel for being that building when she was told more than once to not go there, and then again by her father to get out of there. How could you blame The Vigilante for not saving the person that would not be dying if you would of stayed clear of the area like you were told to do? Using her rational then anyone that dies in the city is The Vigilante’s fault because he should be able to teleport around at will and save every person that is in danger. So who would she blame if there was no Vigilante? Would the blame then fall upon Malcolm Merlin? or maybe the people that built the building, because it didn’t withstand an earthquake? She needs to look at herself and only herself, because it’s her fault Tommy is dead. So I agree with you mostly except none of the blame should be on the Vigilante, it all falls upon Laurel.

  11. mac says:

    I don’t get the Roy love, the character just absolutely annoyed me in season 1, now the Dark Archer I would like to take more center stage tough

    • Red says:

      Shut up noone hates on my Roy. Roy is one of the best new addition in season 1 and he is the character with the most potential this season. Colton is perfect casting for role. Haters are gonna hate but thats not going to stop the show from giving Roy more screentime and good storylines.

  12. K. says:

    Wish they would’ve just killed of Laurel and had Sara come back as Black Canary! Also I do like Katie as a actress but for some reason I don’t think she fits right on this show and I skip forward through the parts she’s in also!

    • LPala says:

      You are totally right on. I liked the actress who played Sara – on Bold and Beautiful she’s great and she has the acting ability and the personality to make a great Canary. Too bad she’s so committed to her role on B&B, plus maybe they didn’t even ask her to come back. And you’re right about Katie, she just doesn’t fit on this show.

    • vetronic says:

      “Also I do like Katie as a actress but for some reason I don’t think she fits right on this show and I skip forward through the parts she’s in also!”

      Maybe because she is a crappy and mediocre actress, got zero chemistry with her co stars and she has got a big ego, as well as not interested in her work in the show.

  13. Hodan says:

    Can’t wait to see what undercover job Felicity is working on when she gets kidnapped.

  14. Garnet74 says:

    I’m excited about Felicity getting grabbed and being in danger. I just love her on the show and I’m so, so glad they brought her into the 2nd season as a full time cast member. I’m really curious about her backstory and to see how her relationship with Oliver changes as he gets more involved in Queen Consolidated. Glasses on or glasses off, she’s awesome!

  15. Locke says:

    Im going to stop watching the show now, maybe only ever wait for DVD to come out. I cant stand the Olicity/Felicity fans anymore, they truly are the most vile, egotistic, maniac fans I have come across in a long while. They behavior is turning me off the show.

    • TheAppleFour says:

      Certainly not all, but there certainly seems like a large majority of it in this forum. Most wouldn’t know what acting was, and have no clue o story line development. It would seem that over the top acting is what is required to appease them, and subtle, understated acting is totally lost on them. They also forget that Laurel isn’t privileged to the same information a tv viewer has access to, So perhaps if Oliver didn’t lie at every opportunity to the people he loved, then perhaps situations wouldn’t arise like the destruction of the glades. That is the problem of being a vigilante you are always making value judgement on others, and situations, without a code or law to run your thinking processes past, for Oliver that is Diggle..

    • Agatha says:

      Me too. I don’t like Olicity, because I don’t like them together as a romantic couple, and I want to follow the canon of the comic book, so I’m waiting when Laurel becomes Black Canary , her nature is changedand and she will be together with Oliver in future

  16. Tyger Bantu says:

    Laurel is written as if she’s ten years old…and that Taylor Swift attitude…we’re never ever getting back together again…when of course they’ll have sex again…is stupid. No, the actress can’t act. She’s there because the shampoo and makeup sponsors need the look.
    Get rid of her before sheher apple rots the whole barrel.
    And get rid of the teenage Queen princess while you’re at it.

  17. Monica says:

    I am the only other living Oliver/Laurel fan and I’m sorry Olicity fans but you’re whining for Ollie to forget Laurel and go gaga over his cute and completely platonic sidekick is wishful thinking and belongs only in fanFICTION where it is 90%, fine. I know the acting is awful and so are her lines but the character of the future Black Canary, Laurel or Dinah, is and will continue to be Oliver Queen’s soulmate and however they do it it is so obvious the endgame, so if you want to see Felicity be another one of Oliver’s conquests and ruin that sweet connection (as a little sister and friend) and be added to the list of temporaries, because as much as I love Oliver he is a manwhore and that is way back from canon, then yeah he should date her on the show and break her heart too so as long as we get Olicity! Laurel may not be liked by the planet but she is Oliver’s true love and that ain’t changing. I watch Ollie’s interaction with Felicity and while she plays the obligatory crushing on him he looks at her in the moment but clearly looks through her and when he sees Laurel his face lights up everytime, unless it is bad acting too.