Is a Big Bang Spin-Off Inevitable? A Foul-Mouthed Once? Sex Den a Real Horror? And More Qs!

Once_FilletTheBitchWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Breaking Bad, Scandal, Revenge, NCIS and Once Upon a Time!

1 | Given Reggie’s choice of “Party in the USA” for favorite song and Miley Cyrus’ current overexposure, what are the odds the pop star will appear on The Neighbors by the end of the season?

2 | As crowdpleasing a line as it was, did Once Upon a Time — one of TV’s highest rated shows among families that watch with kids – surprise you with Regina’s “Fillet the bitch”? And are the opening title bumpers (e.g. two boys flying) getting a bit spoilery?

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3 | Which was this week’s niftiest piece of directing: The Good Wife dissolving from Alicia’s profile into the opening credits, or Breaking Bad concealing Walt’s presence during Skylar’s call with Marie? Speaking of…

4 | How did Walt get into Skyler’s home, which was under law-enforcement surveillance? Were the same cops on duty who missed Todd & Co. sneaking into Holly’s room last week? And Todd’s choking death at the hands of Jesse — bastard deserved a slower, more painful death, no?

Revenge20Qs5 | Show of hands: Who actually believed Revenge‘s Jack when he told Emily he felt nothing for her? (Yeah, us either.) And let us get this straight: The Governor of New York gets diagnosed with a fatal illness by a random doctor he’s never previously laid eyes on and he’s not going to get a second opinion? Really?

6 | In the Masters of Sex premiere, did the decor in the Masters’ house kind of remind you of Bloody Face’s home/creepatorium?

7 | Holy crap — was Mom‘s second episode not just funnier but also — gasp — kinda heartwarming at times?! That said, on a scale of one to invomity, how gross was the visual of French Stewart’s Chef Rudy tasting his sauce, then putting the spoon back in the pot?

8 | Anyone else anxiously waiting for the Sleepy Hollow episode where Mills takes Crane to Banana Republic to get some new, more modern threads? Considering that he was buried in it for 250 years, Ichabod’s coat has gotta be a bit rank, right?

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B999 | Was there a funnier facial expression on TV this week than Andy Samberg’s impression of a missing grandma on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

10 | Is there any modifier to put before “badass” to adequately describe Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Melinda May? Are you almost afraid to hear what she did as “The Cavalry”?

11 | If New Girl’s Jess hadn’t forced Schmidt to tell Cece the truth — which precipitated him getting dumped by both her and Elizabeth — which woman do you think would’ve made a better partner for the former Big Guy?

12 | Did Bradley Whitford’s sexy shirtless “shower police” scenes in this week’s Trophy Wife sell you on the idea of his ability to snag a wife 20 years his junior?

13 | So Adam Pally is basically playing Max on The Mindy Project? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Also, didn’t Pastor Casey’s quarter-life crisis (well, crises) seem to come out of left field? And aren’t you sadder than you originally thought to see Anders Holm go?

14 | Was the shakiest thing about NCIS‘ Ziva exit story that Tony would not make a Casablanca reference there at the airstrip?

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SOA20q15 | We get that it’s a cultural thing, but there’s something about the way Nero refers to Gemma as his “mama” on Sons of Anarchy that’s a little icky, right? Also, do you think the coroner took one look at Otto’s ravaged remains and was like, “Sorry, too gross even for me.”?

16 | Wasn’t it nice to see Nashville‘s Rayna and Juliette united for once? (Granted, they were united against an adversary, but at least they weren’t sniping at each other!) Also, when did Scarlett get so ballsy and awesome?

17 | Best marriage of promo and song: Reign and “Royals” or Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and the opening chords of “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

18 | Given The Big Bang Theory‘s ever-mighty ratings, a spin-off seems inevitable, right? Maybe zero in on Comic book store guy Stuart?

19 | Which was more painful: Hearing Paulina Rubio start every critique on The X Factor this week with “I agree with Demi/Kelly/Simon” or witnessing the surprising number of times her comments were completely edited out?

20 | Even for a show rife with fart jokes, is The Millers‘ Beau Bridges playing it a bit over-the-top?

21 | Given the hilarity of Santana’s “Yeast-I-Stat” ad on this week’s Glee, can Ryan Murphy please keep the commercial spoofs coming for the fledgling NYC actress?

22 | Did you stifle a laugh when Scandal‘s Mellie proposed “two” as the total number of times Fitz and Liv officially have had sex? And be honest: Did you ever in a million years think that Mr. President himself leaked Liv’s name?

23 | Is it too early to crown Sofia Vergara’s Kmart commercial zinger — “You can’t draw a woman with straight lines!” — as the TV ad tagline of the year?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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