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The Originals: What's Cami's Point? Romance for Elijah? And 4 Other Burning Qs Answered

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersViewers already got a glimpse of The Originals via The Vampire Diaries, but we still have plenty of questions about The CW’s newest bloodsucking series (premiering Thursday at 9/8c).

To get answers about Cami’s role in the show, Rebekah’s introduction, Elijah’s possible love interest and more, TVLine went to executive producer Michael Narducci.

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I DIDN’T SEE THE PILOT. CAN I STILL WATCH THE SHOW? | You bet. In fact, Thursday’s premiere will retell the story of this past April’s episode from Elijah’s POV, so newbie viewers will be able to follow along. But that doesn’t mean those who did watch the pilot will be bored. “In that unique vantage point, we’re going to reveal a lot of the things the audience was not privy to,” previews Narducci. “You’re going to learn a lot more information. You’re going to see a different story. The ending, in particular, is very shocking and different. It’s going to lead directly into where our series is going for the first several episodes.”

HOW DOES CAMI, A HUMAN, FIT INTO A SHOW ABOUT VAMPIRES AND WITCHES? | “Very early on, we’ll see that she catches the eye of Marcel,” teases Narducci. “So if you’re Klaus, and you want to get to the bottom of Marcel and his power dynamic, it’s very interesting to notice that this girl Cami has caught Marcel’s eye.” Naturally, the Original will cozy up to the psych student, who becomes something of an unexpected friend. “A lot of the fans are assuming, ‘Oh my God, is there going to be a romance?’” says the EP. “I think it’s far more interesting to play just a human connection, ’cause he doesn’t really have a lot of friends. Klaus is someone who either kills you or manipulates you. Cami is someone who is educated enough that he might take a pause and just be curious to get to know her. Her history with New Orleans and her education are going to make her someone very interesting for Klaus to interact with.”

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The Originals Season 1 SpoilersWHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAVINA CHARACTER? | The young witch (played by Danielle Campbell) – who appears in the director’s cut of the pilot, available at CWTV.com – was cut from the aired broadcast. “I was heartbroken when they were not able to include [her] in the episode,” admits Narducci. “But really, it’s more in line with the series, and less in line with what the story was of that Vampire Diaries episode.” As for the reveal that Marcel is using Davina to control the witches, “We will go forward under the assumption that people are aware of that information, but we will do the reset” explaining her relationship to the vampire, adds the EP.

WHEN WILL REBEKAH JOIN HER BROTHERS IN NEW ORLEANS? | “She will get involved, and more importantly, she will have reason to get involved very soon,” hints Narducci. “And not perhaps the reason you might expect. Not the baby reason. Other reasons, one which is deeply personal to her and one that is shocking.”

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IS HAYLEY JUST A PAWN IN THE WITCHES’ WAR WITH MARCEL? | “One of the big complications early on is: If Hayley is carrying this child, where can she be where she’s safe, given everything that’s going on in New Orleans?” says Narducci. “Protecting her and protecting that child is a big part of what both Klaus and Elijah’s drive will be going forward. They want to take over New Orleans [and] take down Marcel. But they also have this girl who has her own will. She doesn’t take to being manipulated. She doesn’t take to being ordered around.”

WILL THERE BE ROMANCE BETWEEN SOPHIE AND ELIJAH?  | “[Sophie] has to hold Hayley and the unborn child hostage to try to manipulate the Original vampires,” explains Narducci. “Elijah sees this and does not like being manipulated. And yet, you have to respect someone with the bravery to try to manipulate the Original vampires… There will be romance for Sophie, and there will be romance for Elijah… We’ve got some cool twists coming up.”