Parenthood: A Happy Homecoming, An Office Charmer, Wedding Woes and Other Takeaways

Parenthood Season 5 RecapThis week’s Parenthood finds Amber’s engagement news going over well with some of the Braverman brood, while Julia meets a prospective homewrecker (Hi, Office vet!) and Hank roars back into Sarah’s life with a subtle vengeance.

Here, we breakdown the seven key takeaways from the acclaimed NBC drama’s latest installment:

A Braverman “Welcome Home!” is better than all others. Finally back from his deployment, Ryan is greeted by all 647 family members with much fanfare. Zeke, in particular, embraces his veteran buddy with a very long (and very emotional) hug.

• David Denman is Roy Anderson no more. We love Sam Jaeger’s Joel as much as the next person, but Julia’s “meet cute” with the Office vet’s charming new character, Ed, was pretty darn precious. (How dare we, right?!) Even cuter is when the pair is put on parent volunteer duty together and inadvertently bonds over their respective once-flourishing, now non-existent careers.

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A previously dense Hank gained a hefty dose of intuition during his time in Minnesota. After learning from Max that Amber has gotten engaged, the photog hightails it to Sarah’s just to see how his ex is taking the news. They don’t make any major strides toward a reconciliation, but Hank does treat her to a sweet housewarming gift and leaves her with some surprisingly good advice.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell on Parenthood > Jurnee Smollett-Bell on True Blood. As super-fans of the Friday Night Lights alumna, we’re thrilled to see that her fast-talking campaign manager fits right in with the Braverman clan. (Bonus points for believing so strongly in Kristina’s political dreams!)

Kristina and Adam feel the same way about her campaign — but for vastly different reasons. After some evasiveness, Adam comes clean about his hesitance to back her election: she almost died and he doesn’t want to risk her health again. Explains Kristina, “I almost died… but I didn’t! That’s exactly why I’m doing this.” Sadly, her passion can’t seem to sway his reluctance… yet.

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Zeke and Camille need hobbies. After witnessing her husband’s hesitance to do some updates on their house, Camille proposes they finally downsize and go on an adventure (or 10). “This is it, Zeke,” she pleads. “This is the start of our Act 3.” Unfortunately, by episode’s end, the patriarch has yet to see it her way and bails on the conversation.

Amber and Ryan are going to have the best wedding ever, thanks to Mama With The Most Sarah Braverman. After assuaging her own concerns and asking her daughter if she’s sure she wants to spend her life with the soldier (“Without a doubt in my heart, 100 percent.”), Sarah finally comes around. “Then that’s all I need to know,” she cries. And with that, the mother/daughter pair bond over apple-tinis and bridal magazines, with Sarah vowing to help make her daughter’s dream day come true.

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