Exclusive: Good Wife's 100th Ep Pits Will vs. Alicia in a Nasty (and Personal) 'Courtroom Battle'

Invitation to an InquestThe Good Wife is taking Will and Alicia to hell in Episode 100 — and they may not come back.

The milestone hour, slated to air later this fall, will find Alicia (by then at the helm of Florrick Agos & Assoc.) going head-to-head with her ex-lover/onetime colleague in court — and it’s going to get ugly (possibly even uglier than this).

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“There’s going to be a whole act where they use what they know about each other from their love affair in a courtroom battle,” reveals Good Wife cocreator Robert King. “They’re going to basically undercut each other every step of the way.”

King adds that the episode will include “some wonderful flashbacks” to Alicia and Will’s brief romance, “and then you’ll see how they use” those memories against each other in court.

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So, what’s the case that triggers the War of the Roses-worthy brawl?

King isn’t saying, but here’s a whopper of a clue: This is the episode that marks the return of Fringe‘s John Noble as Alicia’s late client Matthew Ashbaugh.

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