Exc-Boooo!-sive Video: Jessie and the Kids Gear Up to Bust Some Halloween Ghosts

As Disney Channel’s Jessie returns for Season 3 this Saturday at 8/7c, there’s something strange in her neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? Marilyn! Monroe!…?

In this exclusive clip from the show’s Halloween-themed outing, “Ghost Bummers,” it’s up to Jessie, Ravi and Zuri to save the day when Emma, Luke and Mrs. Chesterfield are possessed by ghoulish spirits.

Once they fine-tune the goblin-fighting goo and don the requisite overalls (if only to get back the deposit on their costumes), will some ghostbustin’ make them feel good?

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Among Disney’s other Halloween-themed weekend fare: On Friday, A.N.T. Farm continues a tradition with the episode “mutA.N.T. FARM 3,” while Dog With a Blog’s Stan sets out to find a costume that will allow him to converse with the parents. On Saturday, Phineas and Ferb follows Jessie with a “Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror,” then Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man scares up an attack by vampires (including Dracula himself).

Jumping to Sunday night, Good Luck Charlie goes Halloween caroling, twins Liv and Maddie attend a costumed dance and the Shake It Up! gals try to grow up by hosting a “Mature-o’ween.”

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