David Tennant to Star in Fox's Broadchurch

Broadchurch US David TennantFox is thinking inside the box when it comes to casting its adaptation of the UK murder mystery Broadchurch (titled Gracepoint).

David Tennant, who currently stars in BBC America’s Broadchurch, has been tapped to headline the U.S. remake as well, TVLine has confirmed.

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The Doctor Who vet’s lead investigator character will be virtually identical to his UK counterpart, although he’ll use an American accent, TV Guide Magazine reports.

The British Broadchurch just wrapped its first season and will soon begin production on a second. Meanwhile, the American Broadchurch — which is being billed as a limited series a la Fox’s upcoming 24: Live Another Day — is expected to start shooting in early 2014.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I don’t get why they have to remake it in the first place.

    • K says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Badpenny says:

      I assume they’re looking for an American version, set in the US rather then in the UK. Kind of like Elementary has Holmes in NYC.

    • James says:

      The same reason why ITV’s Low Winter Sun got an American remake with Mark Strong also leading as the Detroit equivalent of his original UK TV role.

    • Makes no sense! Waste of money.

      • rowan77 says:

        I would agree if I didn’t know that many Americans cannot understand that various accents from England or Scotland (there is no Received English – a.k.a. BBC Standard – spoken on most British TV shows) and they won’t watch a show they have to put subtitles on to understand. Also there are cultural differences that the American version will want to address.

        I’m just happy that David Tennant is doing American TV. He’s been wanting to get a series here since he left Doctor Who. I’m excited for him!

  2. Or just watch the UK version, which is phenomenal.

    • Sam says:

      Yup. This so much.

    • Magrit says:

      The UK version is unbelievably, deliciously smart. My fear is that the US Fox version turns out to be a cheap wannabe knock-off. That would be tragic.

      • rowan77 says:

        It is smart – but the killer was a bit obvious from the word go.

      • I hate US tv says:

        Magrit, I completely agree with you! Take a look at what cinemax did to the Sky1 show, Strike Back. They took a fantastic smart show and changed it to something unrecognisable. They added sex scenes/nudity that really doesn’t need to be there and the conversations are dumbed down as well. I couldn’t bear to watch it. The quality level of acting on US shows can’t compare to UK shows. That’s why they need all of the special effects etc.
        I don’t see why they need to create a US version as the UK was absolutely phenomenal- just the way it is. And if they can’t understand the accents, too bad.

  3. donna says:

    I didn’t understand them wanting to remake it either, but since the got David Tennant to star, I gladly watch the whole dang thing again!

  4. Lo says:

    What the deuce? Exactly WHY does it need to be remade?! I get shows like The Killing and The Bridge being remade (even though I don’t agree with it) because those are shows that are not filmed in English. This is a UK show, Americans don’t need subtitles to watch it. Why not remake Downton Abbey while they’re at it….

    • James says:

      The same reason why Ugly Betty has been remade in several countries, including those that even though speak the same language, each has their own version (La Fea Mas Bella in Mexico and the original Yo Soy Betty la Fea in Colombia)

    • James says:

      As with Downton Abbey, it’s a period piece and the characters are members of the nobility, a socio-economic hierarchal class that’s non-existent in America set during the wartime period of the early to mid 20th century. Hard to adapt that to US television.

      • meem says:

        Do you really want to make the case that there wasn’t a “noble class” in early 20th century America? Really?

        • James says:

          There isn’t. America wasn’t even an aristocracy, at least not for a long time since the 18th century. An American equivalent to European nobles would be political families, members of the elite. Remaking DA, it would lean more on political intrigue than familial affairs coupled with a cup of jasmine tea. But if you want to see a US remake of Downton Abbey, go watch “Brothers & Sisters.”

      • lalaland2013 says:

        You obviously don’t watch Downton, or you’d know Cora’s American family (played by Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti) are lucratively wealthy, even more so than the Crawley family. And if you’re seriously saying that families like the Rockefellers, Astors and Vanderbilts weren’t a form of American nobility, then you aren’t very familiar with American history

        • James says:

          They may be wealthy but they’re no centuries-old artistocratic nobility American-style. All the families you mentioned are political elite families. The only difference is that they don’t hold any hereditary title that can be passed down to succeeding generations and their hold to power as far as politics is concerned is only lasting if there are even members of those families either willing to go to politics or just go their own way beyond a sure fallback.

  5. While I love David Tennant, I don’t really understand why they need to remake Broadchurch at ALL. And especially not right after it aired on BBCAmerica in the US. Seems ridiculous.

    • Gaara says:

      Same. Although now that he’s casted, I’ll HAVE TO watch the us version too lol. I really don’t like that they decided to giving him an American accent tho .-.

    • Lizzie says:

      Things get remade everyday. There is only a fraction of people who even get BBC America! And if you do and watched this show you probably only watched because of Tennat. And naturally if you watched cuz of him you are doctor who fan, hence you have BBC America. So there is a bigger audience out there that fox can reach with the mini series, and more Tennat stop compliant. Cuz if it was switched to an American actor everyone would still complain. Sorry rant over

    • Tina says:

      Because not everybody gets BBCAmerica–so the Broadchurch audience is MUCH smaller than it should be. Also, because it’s such a crap channel, it makes it difficult to catch shows when they are being aired. Seriously! Whoever does the scheduling is an idiot! They basically air 4 shows–Kitchen Nightmares, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Top Gear. All. The. TIME! Sure, they OCCASIONALLY throw in some news, Man Lab, Planet Earth, Bang Goes Theory, Graham Norton, and one other BBC series at a time (which is a revolving door), but who the heck wants to figure out when?! There are so many freaking marathons of the 4 primarily aired shows, that it makes a viewer very VERY sick of trying to tune into that channel for anything else!

      I agree that the original should be aired, but America isn’t prone to showing a UK series on any channel but PBS, and it does deserve a broader audience (and to not be censored by PBS). At least it’s David, and he certainly deserves the attention, so I will be tuning in. However, I’m concerned with the manner in which they will stretch the story across the length of an American TV season. But I am hopeful they won’t completely destroy it. We’ll see.

  6. lore says:

    Wow. Wow. We already semi-regretted watching the super-dour UK Broadchurch, even though we love David Tennant and all of the actors in the original. It was well made and compelling at times, but the episodes leading up to the big reveal hardly mattered, which definitely made us wonder if there even needed to be 8 episodes to tell the story.

    Why would we ever sign on for the same utterly devoid-of-lightness and direction plot alongside an identical performance with an American accent, likely drawn out into at least 12 or 13 episodes to fit an American network run?

    David Tennant is pretty, but he’s not THAT pretty!

    • jmble says:

      When you say we, I assume you aren’t speaking for all of us. I don’t regret watching a second and I think every episode of the show was brilliant. 8 episodes was the perfect amount in my mind.

      • eviloverlore says:

        Yes, I meant “we”, as in our household, not “we”, the people. And when I watch a mystery, especially one as deep as “Broadchurch”, I like to fee like I had at least a small chance of figuring the mystery out. I like to see the big reveal and be able to think back over the course of the series to the clues we were given, even if I missed them. It makes nice food for thought. I think there were emotional moments given in looking back over the series, but actual clues? No, not until the last two episodes. I think all the character-building and the revelations of the other secrets of the townspeople was interesting, but also frustrating because the only places those revelations led were to the elimination of those townspeople from suspicion and to social commentary on the larger mystery.
        But that’s me, and I certainly don’t fault people for enjoying BC or wanting more of it. I do feel like our household attitude toward it, though, is representative of a notable portion of other viewers.

        • Chris says:

          Totally agree with you. There were no clues to the identity of the murderer in the first 6 episodes. It was almost like the writers didn’t figure it out until they got there. Although I enjoyed the show, the final episode was very unsatisfying. As for making an American version, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a mystery show. Anybody who watched the original is not going to watch the remake because they know what’s going to happen.

  7. LN says:

    This is a weird situation, but I’ll take it.

  8. Joel says:

    They are remaking it to show it to a broader audience. Some people won’t watch shows with British accents because they don’t understand them when they talk. I know it sounds silly to most of us who watch British television all the time with no issues. But I know two people who stopped watching it because they claimed they couldn’t understand anything DT said. If I knew two, I’m guessing there are many more out there. I like the idea of possibly introducing a whole new audience to the brilliance of the original and the awesomeness of David Tennant. Though I, as much as most of you wish they could just see that brilliance in the original without a remake.

    • Deena says:

      My mom has an issue with the accents so she’ll turn on the closed captions for when she doesn’t understand something. She has no problem doing that and would rather watch with the CC on than remake an incredible show.

  9. Charissa says:

    Ok, I LOVE Tennant, so now I’ll probably watch this just for him, but WHY?!? Why do you have to remake it?!? The original is the best 8 hours of television I’ve ever seen, and Fox’s version will never come close, even with Tennant on board. It makes even less sense to have a remake when you’re remaking it with the original star!! What’s the point?

    And lastly, WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE AMERICAN??? His Scottish accent is wonderful.

    • Badpenny says:

      They remake it to capture a larger audience, like The Office did with the American version.

    • James says:

      If Broadchurch was a Canadian show, US TV networks would gladly air it as is because with North American English-language accents easy to comprehend across Canada and the US.

  10. Michelle says:

    I adore DT, but I hope his American accent has improved since the last time I heard it.

  11. Eric says:

    Tennant is one of my favorite actors, but this remake is unnecessary. And why does he need an American accent?

  12. ruby says:

    wow! this remake is not necessary at all!!! and i love David Tennant but if they want a remake David should not be in the american version at all! it will be to similar! this remake is pointless! i watch the UK version. period. By the way, now there will be 2 broadchurches…ridiculous!

    • James says:

      Yes, it’s ridiculous why we had so many Ugly Betty’s around the world airing almost at the same time not too long ago.

  13. Jay says:

    Why not just re-dub the original with American accents? Or maybe this is a fake announcement and this is what they’re doing! lol

    • James says:

      Because ADR is expensive.

      • meem says:

        Not more expensive than reshooting the whole series!

        • James says:

          That may be but the costs of remaking the show can be recouped with international syndication, which this show has a better chance off in overseas territories than the average British/Australian drama, especially with it being a limited series that has a sure beginning, middle and end.

  14. I don’t get why we have to ‘remake’ UK shows and ‘Americanize’ them. There are many US shows that are shown ‘as is’ (no remake) in the UK. But, regardless, I’ll watch, because David will be in it. (though with an American accent, I’m not sure about that – I love his accent)

    • James says:

      Tell that to people who remade Law and Order into Law and Order: UK

      • Delia says:

        The laws, courtroom procedures and “courtroom attire” is somewhat different in the UK, so remaking L&O in their image makes sense to me.

        • James says:

          My point exactly. All in the Family was a US remake of a popular British sitcom and was en pointe on portraying an American working-class family in a comedic setting.

  15. Ann says:

    So glad they are going with David Tennant! As to why remake it for Fox – because the show will reach more people than through BBCAmerica. As far as the reveal — the show was about so much more than the murder mystery aspect: families, friendship, loneliness, child abuse, domestic violence and its effects on the children; all kinds of relationships; neighbors turning on each other; you never really know the person you’re sleeping with…a psychologist would have a field day. The answer isn’t nearly as important as the journey along the way.

  16. Viv says:

    Ähhh… can someone explain to me why they want to make a remake? So David Tennant (my absolut favourite actor) stars in a remake playing the same character only with a american accent? Okay.

  17. Absolute nonsense… they’re remaking it, simply because FOX doesn’t think we Americans will understand the “Queen’s English”. An American accent… seriously? A total case of dumbing down the show. I’ve seen the original and loved it, I’m good with that.

    • Badpenny says:

      They’re remaking it because they want to set it in the US somewhere. I think the accent thing for David is stupid, but then look at how many actors are current working in the US using American accents. That would cover about half the cast of Chicago Fire. :)

    • Amy says:

      Lol, WTF is a “Queen’s English” accent?

      • Badpenny says:

        It’s the various English dialects spoken throughout the UK.

      • CMG says:

        “Queen’s English” is the slang terminology for what is more properly referred to as “Received Pronunciation” or RP, the “standard” British accent.

        • Amy says:

          Well, if that’s the definition (which is opposite of what Badpenny said), then they were definitely NOT speaking that in Broadchurch, lol.

          • Rebecca says:

            that’s absolutely true. Tennant was speaking with a Glaswegian accent – although his is not really all that strong (listen to the new Doctor Peter Capaldi or Gerard Butler before he moved to the US and washed his out), Olivia Colman’s was actually pretty close to RP, so was Arthur Darville’s… Matthew Gravelle (Joe Miller) is Welsh & his character was as well, so his accent was Welsh and most of the rest were using the local accent from Dorset (none of them is from there, and the accent was quite hard for them to learn…)

  18. Joanna says:

    I heard they were remaking — and I had also heard the original had several endings planned. They’ve since kept these under wraps — for the purpose of this possible remake. I was 50/50 on watching this, but I love David Tennant, so I think this makes me want to at least check it out. No judgment here — until I see it.

  19. sharie says:

    BBC version is exceptional, I wish they had taken both tennant and the DS miller actress. Her performance was truly heart-breaking.

  20. GeekGirl13 says:

    For me, the answer to why is more than just ‘a broader audience’. It is also about relativity. Remaking it in an American setting gives it a familiarity of setting that the UK version didn’t have for me, at least. Plus, doesn’t mean an exact remake with American accents and settings necessarily. I am interested to see what carries over from the British version to the American one besides the phenomenal David Tennant, of course. Though, for me, what will make or break this version will be the casting for Ellie and Beth.

  21. Alicia says:

    Seriously, just show the British version. David Tennant without his accent (both the Scottish and British) will be completely weird, although if that’s what it takes to get David Tennant on American TV, small price to pay I guess.

  22. I don’t know what to do with this. Remakes are generally stupid, with one or two exceptions, like Ugly Betty or the early seasons of The Office. A remake that is almost the exact same thing, including the same actor, seems like something that’s really unnecessary and really stupid. But a chance to watch twenty-two episodes a year of David Tennant? There’s no way I’m not giving this chance. Still … why?

  23. Mandy says:

    Interesting, but not surprising as David Tennant wants desperately to make it in America. (He had a pilot with NBC and was passed over for the role of Hannibal that eventually went to Mads Mikkelsen).

    Reminds me a bit of Mark Strong reprising his role of Frank Agnew from the UK version of Low Winter Sun.

  24. Reblogged this on My Tiny Obsessions and commented:
    Not quite sure why they’re making a remake anyway… that said: I’M SUPER HAPPY!!! No amout of David Tennant is too much! =D

  25. Nessie says:

    I understand the argument of why remake it, but I’m fine with it. I’m curious to see how they adapt it for an American setting. With Chibnal heavily involved and Tennant fronting it again, I think it will still be good. Just a bit different. And even if it’s terrible it’s not going to take away the fact that the original was amazing.

  26. Jen says:

    Wasn’t going to watch this. But now they cast David, I will have to watch every single episode now! Hope FOX doesn’t screw it up. The writer for the UK version will be overseeing it, so it should be not bad. It’s great to see David’s talents getting more acknowledged. The man is simply a phenomenal actor.

  27. Amanda From Michigan says:

    This is a smart move. Think they’ll tone down his accent?

  28. A says:

    Why don’t they just air the UK version? Look at Downton Abbey’s popularity.

    • James says:

      ITV’s Broadchurch is already airing on BBC America. Downton Abbey is a period drama that’s to complicated to even have a direct US counterpart. Plus, Downton is airing stateside thanks to donations sent to PBS by American viewers like (I’m assuming) YOU.

  29. Jeannette says:

    I don’t understand how Tennant is even free to be hired for this gig. He’s signed on for the second season of the UK Broadchurch. Wonder when Fox is planning their remake? Think this is a huge mistake in casting, and I love Tennant and the UK Broadchurch

  30. dj says:

    The UK version was excellent although it was a little difficult to decipher some of what David Tennant was saying. It’ll be a lot easier listening to him using an “American” accent. I loved the series and it will be tough for the American version to live up to the UK version. The acting was phenomenol. Although, Being Human was adapted well into the American version from the UK version, so hopefully, Broadchurch will do so, too.

  31. oO says:

    American accent? American remake? A quote from one springs to mind: NO GOD! DEAR GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO

    • James says:

      Depends on which American accent you want him to hear: New England Accent (which is more or less closer to that of England’s except for the obvious ironed out accent feature common to all other US English accents), NY/NJ accent, Philadelphia accent, Gullah, Appallachian (which is derived more the accents of the area’s Irish/Scottish settlers), Cajun, Louisiana Creole (this and Cajun are more French-leaning), Southern, Californian, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, Midwestern, Northern Virginia/Tidewater accent, etc.

  32. Amy says:

    I hope the American version improves on the original ending. That was pants.

  33. Bryan Caron says:

    I didn’t mind that FOX was remaking Broadchurch to Americanize it… they can do what they want, it doesn’t mean they will get any ratings for it. But if they’re going to remake it, at least go out and hire actors that have nothing to do with the original. Casting David Tennant as the same character and giving him an American accent doesn’t scream original to me, it only makes me believe all they want to do is make a carbon copy, which is a disservice to both those who watched and loved the original, and to American viewers (and actors, for that matter) who might have wanted to see a different spin.

  34. Ally Oop says:

    Pointless to remake Broadchurch to please Americans who can’t understand or dislike British accents. Might as well just make a bean new mystery how with a different name. This whole idea of remaking a current Ebglish-language show is STUPID.

    • James says:

      Because it’s difficult for a lot of non-UK Anglophone speakers to decipher majority of English-language accents outside the more comprehensible RP English (thanks to the BBC). Plus, I don’t think one would think theater can also operate as synonymous to “operating table” if it was a British medical show being remade.

      It’s no wonder Canadian shows managed to get aired stateside with/no difference of its own General North American English to that of US audiences.

      At least there won’t be a lot of “Hoy’s”, and a lot of “Hey’s” instead.

  35. Harriet Craig says:

    I saw Broadchurch and it was good. However, I had to have closed captions on because David Tennant’s accent is very thick.

  36. I also don’t see the point in remaking the show BUT since they are, this is a genius move. So happy to see him again….even though I already watched the BBC show.

  37. Nichole says:

    The ironic thing about this is that it will probably end up being an American remake of a British show made in Canada lol

    While I loved DT in the original and am looking forward to season 2, not sure how I feel about him heading up the remake also and with an American accent, think it will detract from the show for fans of the original rather then help. Will just have to wait and see :)

  38. Tazzy says:

    Silly American television. British TV is always better!

    • Benigno says:

      Yes: Geordie Shore, TOWIE, Strictly Come Dancing, Pineapple Dance Studios, Made in Chelsea, and Big Brother UK: The bringers of fame and prestige for British Telly.

  39. Lynn Roberts says:

    it’s being filmed at the same location as Broadchurch. Makes no sense.

  40. Arafelsedai says:

    I was certainly perplexed that they were doing a remake for “American” audiences, although I truly appreciated the Candadian remake of “The Killing” set in Seattle. So, I suppose I shall try to keep an open mind. However, I am a bit skeptical that the generalized US audience can settle into the slow burn police mystery as opposed to the flash/bang episodic procedurals such as CSI or NCIS, etc…
    Hearing Tennant with an “American” accent and as one poster mentioned “which-one?” should be interesting.

  41. meganinfo says:

    This is so stupid. So it’s going to be identical but with American actors apart from David Tennant – will it have the same killer? It has all the same names except one surname so i guess it will. Just watch the fantastic original. And as for saying Americans don’t understand it, it’s ridiculous, there’s a slight accent there, sure, but it is perfectly understandable! I think it is a waste of time and money to remake something that is going to be exactly the same except the accents. If they really can’t understand it, dub it, like they do for different languages.