Sons of Anarchy Recap: 'I Didn't Even See That Coming' -- Plus: Relive That Bloody Ending!

Sons of Anarchy Toric DiesWarning: The following story contains spoilers from this Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now.

Not one, not two but four outlaws were offed before the final bike revved its engine on this week’s extra-graphic Sons of Anarchy — and we’re breaking down the events that led up to the hour’s unusually high body count.

First things first, Tig lives! The should-be-dead Son shows up very much alive at Jax’s house and explains that August is looking to have a meeting with the clearly stunned Sons’ leader. Before heading back out, Tig asks with some trepidation, “Am I good with you, Jax?” to which the latter responds, “Yeah, it’s all good, brother.”

“It wasn’t Trager’s time,” August later explains to Jax, who rightly defines this little stunt as an obvious “loyalty test.” Turns out, the crime boss is looking for a new business venture and proposes this: set him up with SAMCRO’s Irish gun distributors and Tig’s debt is paid — aka he can continue to live.

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Nero, meanwhile, is brought in for questioning over his dead Diosa employee, and after some interrogation by Eli, the semi-reformed O.G. suggests that the shady Marshal Toric — who’d been hanging at the brothel the night of the murder — be investigated as well. Evidence collected from Nero’s truck (and planted there by Toric) most definitely implicates him; however the sage ol’ sheriff believes Nero is innocent and releases him — for now — and starts looking into Toric. Once out of the station, Nero tells Gemma that he needs distance — but not from her, strictly the club. In fact, should he completely sever ties with SAMCRO, he wants her to stay by his side. (This sweet moment, for the record, is followed by the couple’s first exchange of ‘I love you.’)

Later, Wendy meets up with Gemma (again!) and reveals that Tara is still pushing for her to be named guardian of Abel and Thomas — a fact that does not sit well with the matriarch. However, the twist we’ve all been waiting for soon occurs, when Wendy visits Tara and her lawyer and says that, per Tara’s request, she’s fed Gemma all of the “dirt” they discussed. Uncer walks in on the conversation and, in a moment of pure love for Tara’s boys, vows to keep quiet about the rendezvous for the time being.

A San Bernardino SAMCO member soon shows up in Charming to tell Jax some bad news: his charter has voted down taking over their gun running. Desperate, Jax tells Chibs he’s going to end his ties with the Irish — a massive decision the Scottish SAMCRO staple calls into question.

“We have become the whipping boy for the IRA and the cartel,” Jax huffs angrily. “We’ve dwindled to six guys while RICO and that psycho Marshal circles us, just waiting for us to make the next bad move. Brother, nothing here works! I’m trying to change that. I’m trying to give us a future. And yes, if that means stepping outside the lines or making a couple calls on the fly, then that is exactly what I am gonna do.”

“Wow,” Chibs snarls. “Do you know who you sound like? The guy who used to sit in that seat.”

To the surprise of, well, no one, the remark does not sit will with the big bossman. “I’m not Clay,” Jax declares. “I never will be.”

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The Sons’ meeting with the Galen does not go as planned (aka it’s a total bust), and results in a scuffle and Jax telling he and his men that they are finished. In closing, he demands that the Irish keep their “hands off” his club. Undeterred, the now-enemies of the club show up at Oswald’s warehouse with the guns to pawn off — and instead, upon their arrival, they shoot and kill the two Sons on the scene. When Jax and Co. later arrive, they find the pair’s cuts on the ground — with their respective hands severed and piled on top! Guess they took Jax’s “hands off” demands a little too literally…? (RIP V-Lin and Phil.)

A vengeance-seeking (and Clay-like) Jax orders his men to head to the home of some white supremacists who, at the start of the episode, attacked Unser on the Sons’ turf. (Reformed “Nazi” Darby helps lead them to the abode.) With the Irish’s machine guns in hand, the men roll up on the house and essentially massacre the whole lot of them. Once all is said and done, Jax instructs them to “make it look like an internal beef,” stash the guns inside and then burn it down.

And lest we forget about the goings-on of Clay, Toric and Otto back in the prison… After Clay once again refuses to turn on the club, Toric brings a barely-hanging-on Otto into the mix, telling Clay that he could soon find himself in a similar situation. However, the fallen SAMCRO king instead uses this opportunity to slip his old brother a knife that’s meant to end his misery once and for all.

“No more, brother,” he whispers to Otto.

Sons of Anarchy Otto DiesThe Marshal later returns to Otto’s bedside and gives him one more chance to rat on Clay — something Otto seems to consider as he immediately begins to write out his confessions. However, the eyeless-tongueless wonder has no intention of turning and, before Toric has time to react, Otto stabs him three very-hard-and-extremely-bloody times.

“Wow,” a dying Toric states. “I didn’t even see that coming.”

After Otto finishes off Toric by slitting his throat, he’s gunned down by the police. All that remains of the encounter is one extremely  bloody infirmary.

Were you surprised to see Toric offed so early? Or happy to see Otto finally put out of his misery? Do you think Jax has become Clay? Weigh in below!

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