The X Factor Recap: Bad Chair Day [Updated]

photoNovelty acts, not-as-funny-as-you-think fame-seekers and the mentally/emotionally unstable, your time is up!

The X Factor‘s Season 3 auditions have come to their inevitable end, making way for something called “The Four-Chair Challenge.” (Cue a Christina Aguilera side-eye as she realizes this phrase sounds like what happens when all four coaches press their buttons during The Voice audition rounds. We’re with you on this one, Xtina, even if the X Factor’s new substitute for “Boot Camp” and “Judges’ Houses” has nothing to do with rotating seats or “blinds.”)

Tonight’s audition installment once again found Simon Cowell stretching to the breaking point the definition of words like “extraordinary” and “incredible.” (His exaggerations would be akin to my mom calling this recap “Pulitzer-worthy” — except my mom isn’t paid millions for her opinion.)

Anyhow, since I’ve got a Glee recap to write tonight — and because almost all of latest folks to advance to the Season 5 Battle Rounds were shown in super-brief snippets — I’m gonna refrain from ranking ’em tonight. (Though you can do it in the poll below!)

Also revealed, which mentors got which categories — and which 10 contestants in each category advanced to the Four-Chair Challenge:

Girls: Demi Lovato
Khaya Cohen
Bree Randall
Jamie Pineda (who!?)
Simone Torres (yes!)
Rion Paige
Danie Geimer (yes!)
Rylie Brown
Primrose Martin
Ellona Santiago
Ashly Williams

Boys: Paulina Rubio
Carlito Olivero
Chase Goehring
Timmy Thames
Tim Olstad
Isaiah Alston
Al Calderon
Josh Levi
Isaac Tauaefa
Carlos Guevara
Stone Martin

Over 25s: Kelly Rowland
Lillie McCloud (fab!)
Jeff Brinkman
Rachel Potter (yes!)
Kristine Mirelle
Victoria Carriger
James Kenney
Allison Davis (no pants?)
Denny Smith (him?)
Lorie Moore (shoulder pads!)
Jeff Gutt

Groups: Simon Cowell
Good News (bad news…they haven’t shown you singing yet!)
Yellow House Canyon (woot!)
Alex & Sierra (yay!)
Roxxy Montana
Wild Thingz (kidding, right?)
Girls United
PLUS…a trio of pre-fabricated groups
* a boyish trio featuring Emery Kelly from this Wednesday’s show
* a girl trio
* a country-guy trio featuring cute but vocally dubious Colton Pack and Andrew Scholz

I’ll be back overnight to list the 40 acts still with a chance at Tate Stevens’ crown and sash — bookmark this URL and refresh it later, yo! — but until then, let me turn things over to you. What do you think of The X Factor’s Season 3 Top 40? Who were your favorite wannabes this evening? Did you disagree with any of the judges’ decisions? Who got robbed? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments! (And remember, as I said before, I’ll be back overnight to update this post with intel on the Season 3 Top 40!)