Parks and Rec Premiere Recap: London Calling

Parks and Recreation Season 5 Premiere SpoilersParks and Recreation heads to jolly old London Town for its Season 6 premiere — and here’s a quick rundown of what goes down when the quirky people of Pawnee venture across The Pond.

Before the gang goes abroad, there’s the little matter of addressing where the finale left off: Diane coming clean to Ron about her pregnancy. (“Standard birth control methods aren’t usually effective against a Swanson,” an unsurprised Ron notes.)

And then one of the best cold opens in recent (and not-so-recent) history kicks into high gear, when Ron and Diane opt to get hitched immediately. Leslie is literally paralyzed with happiness when she learns of the rushed wedding — and her role as Matron of Honor — but she does her best to make it an affair to remember (“Here’s a colorful ‘bouquet’ of highlighters…”).

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Flash forward two months, and Leslie, in her latest attempt to fight back against Pawnee’s recall attempts, heads to London to accept an award from the International Coalition of Women in Government — an honor she’s receiving courtesy of April’s very sweet nomination. Unfortunately, the trip backfires when her Indiana constituents (hilariously) see it as her bailing on her hometown. Leslie enjoys an uncharacteristically negative moment (the people of Pawnee are pee-pee heads, for the record), but eventually comes back around thanks to the wisdom of her tireless cheerleaders, Ben and April.

Here’s everything else that happened in the Parks and Rec premiere:

AN IMPORT OF MUSCULAR PROPORTIONS | So, how exactly did Andy come upon his studly new physique? He just stopped drinking beer and “lost 50 punds in one month” — yes, he was drinking a lot.  While in London, Andy and Ben meet with a wealthy Lord about expanding their charity overseas, an idea the regal one — who is actually just the British version of Chris Pratt’s loveable doof — is 100% on board with. The one caveat: Andy needs to stay in the U.K. for roughly three months to head up the company — an idea April fully supports.

LITTLE OLIVE McCHICKPEA | Ann and Chris are expecting! The pair, who stay put in Pawnee for the installment, decide to reveal their baby secret to their friends — all of whom react oddly. (Ew, Jerry. Just ewww.) Thankfully, Leslie gives them the excitement they are hoping for once she’s back stateside.

JUST LIKE BABYFACE | And the saboteur behind Tommy’s Closet, Rent-a-Swag’s big competition, is… Jean-Ralphio’s dad (played by Henry Winkler)! Turns out, the OB-GYN by trade is under the impression that Tom destroyed his family. “First you screwed my son out of your business, then you stole my daughter’s virginity,” he ignorantly exclaims. After much prodding, the hopeless brother-sister duo agree to come clean to their father about their Tom-tinged lies, but the doctor decides to stick with his vendetta-fueled business. He’s making money off of it, after all.

WORLD TRAVELERS | We’re not quite sure what this means just yet, but after coming to terms with her disappointment in the people of Pawnee, Leslie suggests to Ben that they “travel more and expand [their] horizons” — a thought he too has been considering. Hmmm…

Were you happy to see Ron tie the knot? Will Leslie and Ben pack up and say peace out to Pawnee? Will you ever get that image of Jerry “breastfeeding” out of your head? Hit the comments!