Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Greys Anatomy Heather DiesWarning: If you have yet to watch Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 10 premiere, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, proceed onward…

Although it’s looking grim for Richard as the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season premiere kicks off — seriously, does it get any grimmer than lying face down in a pool of water after being electrocuted in a hospital boiler room? — is he the doctor who actually winds up in the morgue? If you haven’t seen the episode yet, read on and find out! (If you have seen it, read on, anyway, and try to act surprised.)

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TRADING PLACES | After Bailey orders Shane to find Richard, he lies to Heather that she’s actually the one who’s supposed to locate the missing M.D… which results in his rival for Derek’s attention getting electrocuted and dying during surgery! (Cue one immensely guilty conscience in 3, 2… ) Richard, on the other hand, pulls through, but not before Mer is forced to use her status as his chosen “next of kin” to rein in Catherine and empower Bailey to perform life-saving surgery.

ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING | Despite the fact that Owen and Cristina’s relationship “ended” in the season finale, he’s still able to maneuver her into bed by noting that, if he’d known their last time having sex was going to be their last time, he’d have done a few things, erm, differently. Shortly thereafter, she seduces him with the same ploy. But, all the nookie notwithstanding, the break-up is killing them.

COITUS INTERRUPTUS | Speaking of getting it on, Alex and Jo are ready to do exactly that. Unfortunately, if it isn’t Heather’s demise that wrecks the mood, it’s the number of times Alex has boinked Jo’s friends in the on-call room. Meanwhile, in zero danger of getting busy again anytime soon are Callie and Arizona. Not only does Callie announce to their fellow board members that her wife has been unfaithful, but she takes their daughter and moves into Casa MerDer.

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HERE COMES THE BRIDE | After April makes her infatuation with Jackson so obvious that even Matt picks up on it, he acknowledges that, by proposing in front of 100 people, he didn’t really give her a chance to say no. But all it takes is Jackson loudly reminding April that she didn’t want him when she could’ve had him to send her running back to Matt and popping the question to him – in private this time. And, glutton for punishment that he is, Matt accepts.

CHECKING IN | At first, all special guest patient Veronica Cartwright gets to do is ask (again and again) if her house survived the mudslide that resulted from the super storm. (It didn’t.) But eventually, we find out that she was a hero during the crisis and is obsessed with her home because her neighbors are the only people who tolerate her. This, in turn, prompts Stephanie to rally the interns around Shane when he heads to the mudslide to assuage his guilt. Oh, and to help people.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season premiere? Were you relieved that Richard survived? Sorry to see Mousey go? Surprised to find out that Leah’s mother once dated Mark? (Could she be his long-lost love child?) And what did you think of Chandra Wilson’s directing of the second hour? (I thought she killed it.) Vote below and then hit the comments.

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