How I Met Your Mother Recap: 'Here I Am'

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 RecapYes, lots of things happened during How I Met Your Mother‘s Season 9 premiere on Monday night, but let’s just cut straight to the momentous event we all really want to talk about: Ted and The Mother shared a scene, and it was kind of magical!

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Being single at a romantic destination wedding, Ted is getting plenty of pity from the hotel’s front desk clerk (a fun Roger Bart). He passes his time by doing a crossword in the bar lounge when The Mother suddenly appears besides him. Then another Ted enters the bar and takes a seat next to her.

“Hey, beautiful. You look great,” he says.

“Come on. I just ate a croissant crumb that I found in my bra,” she replies.

Then Ted recounts the story of how exactly one year ago, at the same table, he made a promise to himself that he would come back and bring her even though he hadn’t even met her yet. But he knew he would. Now, it’s a year later, and “here I am,” she says.

“Love in your eyes, baked goods in your undergarments,” he jokes.

“You picked a real winner, Mosby.”

“I did,” he replies, and if that whole exchange doesn’t make you smile, sigh and give you chills all at the same time, I don’t know what will. The show has been building up to this romance for eight years — aren’t we all glad that they didn’t wait any longer to give us a glimpse of the couple? — so to finally see Ted and the love of his life together and their loving, flirty interaction was almost surreal. And what a relief it is that Josh Radnor and Cristin Milioti — who seems to get HIMYM‘s odd mix of quirky humor and big, open heart — have a warm, wonderful ease with each other.

Elsewhere in the episode:

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN | While Ted and The Mother’s moment was the highlight of the hour, the first person to actually meet the future Mrs. Mosby was Lily. Their cute encounter on the train, during which The Mother provides Lily with cookies and comfort, proves all the ways in which the mystery gal is the adorably dorky perfect match for Ted: Lily muttering “lonely” and “unicorn” gave her a great idea for a children’s book (can’t you picture Ted reading that to their kids?), she wears leather driving gloves and she likes weird roadside attractions.

SOMETHING OLD | The gift box Ted is intent on giving Robin doesn’t hold her locket, but a photo of the gang together from the opening title sequence eight years ago. But because this is Ted, earlier in the week he bought a plane ticket to Los Angeles to search for the locket in Stella’s storage unit.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 SpoilersWILD CARDS | Barney’s 1/8th Canadian side comes back when he and his future bride realize they might have a crazy cousin Mitch in common. In the words of Summer Roberts, EW! But hey, it’s OK, because “we know we won’t have kids,” says Robin. (I guess she told him about her infertility?) And according to Barney, King Joffrey (from Game of Thrones) is a child of incest and he’s “a fair and wise leader.” Thankfully, it’s a false alarm, but Barney’s family still throws them for a loop when James announces that he’s getting divorced because he cheated on his husband — a lot. Cue hilarious flashback to circa-1807 Moscow for the origins of the Stinson Curse, which makes male members of the clan hornier and hornier. Robin wants James to keep mum because she’s afraid that the news will spook Barney. A drunk Lily spills the beans, but it turns out Robin didn’t have anything to be worried about. “I don’t need them to make me believe in true love anymore,” he says. “I’ve got you for that.”

ON THE ROAD | Marshall got saddled with an unfortunate subplot and an overly aggressive Sherri Shepherd as Daphne, a fellow plane passenger — that is, until Marshall’s behavior gets them both kicked off the flight. They battle each other to get the last seat on another flight and then the last rental car. At the hour’s end, the two make peace and embark together in a Monstrosity vehicle back to New York, but I’m hoping Marshall decides to ditch Daphne at a rest stop.

HIMYM fans, what did you think of our first look at Ted and The Mother? Was it enough to make you forget about his crazy locket obsession? And was Wayne Brady the secret MVP of the episode for playing both Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton at the same time? Grade the premiere below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts!