Video: Tina Fey Talks Her Parks and Rec Role (?!), Gives Very Early Scoop on Her Next TV Series

Tina FeyAs this video starts, Tina Fey seems to think she’s only going to be interviewed. But by the time it’s over, she’s sealed a deal to appear on Parks and Recreation.

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Okay, so the “verbal agreement” that she makes with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello on the Emmy red carpet is probably not the most legally binding in the history of contracts. But she sure does seem agreeable to the idea of teaming up again on screen with her Golden Globes co-host, Amy Poehler.

Plus, before Ausiello makes the Emmy winner late for her opening bit with Poehler and Neil Patrick Harris, he gets her to reveal whether or not she’ll be appearing on a former 30 Rock cohorts’ new series (which she’s producing). So what are you waiting for? Press PLAY!