Video: Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Offers Spanking New Scoop on Season 7 'Shamy'

Jim Parsons EmmysThe Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons has definite thoughts on whether and/or how much Amy enjoyed the spanking that she got from Sheldon last season — and that’s just for starters! 

When TVLine’s Michael Ausiello spoke with the actor on the Emmy red carpet – shortly before Parsons picked up his third statuette, we might add – the star also disclosed a major (for Sheldon, anyway) development in Sheldon and Amy’s Season 7 relationship. (Something tells us Amy may not be thrilled… )

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Finally, Parsons opened up about working with Glee’s Ryan Murphy on bringing Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart from stage to screen and… Oh, who are we kidding? You pressed PLAY the minute you read “spanking,” didn’t you?