Fall TV Preview

First Look: Nashville Flashes Back to Rayna and Deacon's Dreamy Past -- Plus: Angry Outburst!

ABC’s Nashville will flash back to Deacon and Rayna’s much happier days in its Season 2 opener (airing next Wednesday), then juxtapose that with the guitar player’s much darker present-day situation.

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In the first season premiere clip below, the country-fried drama revisits the soft-focused day Deacon that sprung a big ol’ surprise on his first-time CMA-nominated honey.

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Alas, who could have imagined back then that the two would wind up in a violent, season-ending car crash precipitated in part by Deacon’s hard tumble off the wagon. Cue this second clip, in which his niece Scarlett pays him a jailhouse visit, only to receive a fierce verbal beat-down.

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