Did Sons Tease Fifty Shades? Why Are Newsroom Peeps Such Noobs? Dumb Dome? And More Qs!

BreakingBad_JesseCallWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mistresses, Sons of Anarchy, The X Factor and Graceland!

1 | Can Breaking Bad‘s final DVD set feature an alternate edit of last Sunday’s episode, one where we get to see Jesse on the phone taunting Walt with choice chestnuts such as, “Got my photo, bitch?” Meanwhile, Hank’s emotional call to Marie in the final minutes all but confirmed he’s not making it out of that desert alive, right? Also, why did Hank waste that perfectly good brain? (We hear they’re delicious – just ask Vivien Harmon!)

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2 | Do you think Kevin Rankin is concerned about being type-cast as white supremacist after searing turns in both Breaking Bad and Justified?

3 | Why does The Newsroom‘s Jim insist on having private conversations with girlfriend Hallie via Skype — without headphones! — at work? Can ACN just offer a class for all the shoddy computer users? And was it really that hard to glean what Charlie yelled the end of the episode?

4 | Um… Safe to say Bunchy doesn’t jump to his death on Ray Donovan, seeing as how he turned up in “Coming Soon…” preview very much alive (and embroiled in some new mess)?

5 | Do you think the rumored Dexter spin-off will be an Odd Couple-style sitcom featuring Masuka and his daughter? If not, why is she here…?

6 | Isn’t Devious Maids‘ Rosie 100 times more interesting now that she’s using Peri’s hit-and-run crime as a wrath-of-God excuse for bedding her boss’s hubby?Under the Dome

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7 | TVLine reader Overthinking asks: “What police academy did Under the Dome‘s Linda graduate from? It has to be the same one as those cops from The Following.”

8 | From dozens of commenters on our Mistresses finale recap: Why the heck did the ER doc use the defibrillator on pregnant Savi’s stomach instead of her chest? And while we’re discussing lives in peril, if someone ends up dying from the end-of-episode shootout, who should it be: Karen, Sam or Elizabeth?

9 | On Breaking Pointe, did visions of Ronnie’s ghastly injury dance through your head the moment Sakaya fell in rehearsal?

10 | Did The X-Files‘ 20th anniversary make you hope even harder that a third Mulder-Scully flick is out there?sons-of-anarchy

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11 | To the Fifty Shades of Grey doubters out there, did the Sons of Anarchy season premiere’s, ahem, climax — featuring a naked Charlie Hunnam getting jiggy with Deadwood‘s Kim Dickens — make you a believer? Were we at home not supposed to audibly cheer when Tara started whaling on the prison bully? And wasn’t it a wee bit convenient that Mother Nature unleashed that gale force gust of wind just as Blonde School Shooter put down his manifesto?

12 | Can Jennifer Aniston please guest-star on Web Therapy next season, especially since the show has gone through three other Friends and Aniston’s BFF Chelsea Handler?

13 | This 24 news is fine and all, but… is the cougar returning?

14 | Why do shows such as The X Factor continue to present vocalists like Lillie McCloud as if they’re total amateurs, when in fact they’ve been signed to major record labels and even had songs on multiple Billboard charts? Is it a secret form of contestant sabotage or do these producers not realize the average viewer has access to Google? And did lovey-dovey Alex and Sierra out-duet Nashville‘s Scarlett and Gunnar?

15 | Given all that they kvetch about, what could the typical Parents Television Council member’s DVR playlist possibly look like?

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16 | However you feel about Rookie Blue‘s Sam and Andy, wasn’t Nick kind of the perfect boyfriend?

Burn Notice17 | TVLine reader Annie asks: “Did anyone else notice the similarity of the Burn Notice cottage (photo, left) to the home of Kate Winslet’s character in the movie The Holiday?”

18 | Was perhaps the biggest question raised by the Graceland finale, “How did that kid at the pawn shop even know what a cassette tape is?” And how disappointing was it that Charlie was not playing “Jangles” but actually was oblivious to his identity the whole time?

19 | Is it sad to see how little Arsenio Hall has brought to the table with his talk show resurrection? He does know it’s 2013, right? And that it’s OK to ask follow-up questions — or clarify for his audience who “Cote” is/plays, such as when Mark Harmon alluded to the big NCIS exit?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!