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How I Met Your Mother Brings Back 'Karate Kid' William Zabka... for a Musical Surprise?

How I Met Your Mother Robin Daggers William ZabkaHere’s some news that will make Barney Stinson very happy: Karate Kid villain William Zabka will return to How I Met Your Mother — to team up with Robin Daggers?

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Per EW.com, the actor — who had a cameo on the CBS comedy last season — will appear as himself in at least eight episodes of the ninth and final run, and will become Barney’s friend.

Star Cobie Smulders broke the news on Friday afternoon by posting the above photo of herself — in Robin Daggers mode, it appears — with Zabka. “Would you buy this band’s album?” she wrote.

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Does Robin Daggers have a secret history with the ’80s star? Or are they joining forces for a wedding surprise? As HIMYM fans know, Barney believes Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence to be the true hero of the 1984 film, so that would make one legendary gift.

Hit the comments with your theories/thoughts!