Graceland Finale Recap: The Key to the Truth

Graceland Season 1 FinaleBriggs’ shady behavior was exposed, making things a lot more complicated for the residents of Graceland, on Thursday night’s season finale. Let’s review the action, which involved one creepy torture scene, a lip-lock and a jangling keychain:

The suspect FBI agent calls upon Dale to help him disappear and to keep an eye on Charlie in his absence. But instead of getting out of dodge, Briggs gives away his new identity, his burner phone and his spot on a South American-bound ship to someone else.

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Meanwhile, Graceland is under investigation. With Briggs missing for eight days, the FBI questions each of the roommates and tears apart their rooms, in the process revealing that Mike was actually at the house to investigate his superior. He gets labeled “a rat” by some of his roomies, but there are much bigger secrets brewing, like why Briggs went to Dale – the two go way back, the customs agent explains to Johnny – and the fact that the G-man is still hanging around town.

Briggs’ inability to leave proves handy when Dale tells him that Charlie is working with a federale named Cortez. Suspecting that the mystery man is Jangles, he follows him to his rented beach house and plants Juan Badillo’s key on Jangles’ chain. The two then get into a fight, which is interrupted by an impromptu visit from Charlie, who begs Briggs to let the federale go. He does and gets knocked out for it. Upon seeing Cortez’s bandaged wound, Charlie finally wises up to the fact that her friend from south of the border isn’t such a good guy, but it’s too late. Jangles takes them both captive, and he plans to make Briggs watch as he tortures Charlie. Things look really ugly — seriously, I got the bad kind of goosebumps as he cut into her — until Mike, who’s been tracing Briggs’ new burner phone, busts in and shoots Jangles.

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With Juan’s key found on Jangles’ “trophy” ring and an Odin connection traced to a South American phone number, Briggs is cleared and let go. (It appears the whole plot, including the MIA recording, was orchestrated by Briggs and Dale.) But he still has some confessing to do. He reveals to Mike that when Jangles was getting him hooked on heroin, he kept asking about the cartel’s mole. When the withdrawal symptoms became too much, he gave up the name of his training officer. He was the one responsible for leading the killer to the safe house and his love, Lisa.

“He knew that living with what I’d done would be worse than death,” says Briggs. “And he was right.”

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And he’s far from out of the mess he’s created. As the episode ends, a pair of teenagers find the missing recording from Juan’s car in a store. Meanwhile, Briggs calls Mike, who’s now working in D.C. as a special assistant to the deputy director.

“Have you thought about taking a vacation?” he asks ominously. “I need a little help.”

On the romance front, Mike and Paige finally kiss, but she breaks it off. “Not like this,” she explains. “Because that wasn’t about me. You’re lost, Mike, and I’m not the answer.”

Graceland fans, what do you think Briggs is up to now? Before you head to the comments with your thoughts/theories, grade the finale below.