So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Finale Recap: And the Winners Are... [Updated]

SYTYCD-Season-10-finale-winnerI take reality television so seriously that — no lie — my husband’s wedding vows included a promise to love, honor and share (or at least put up with) my obsession for the genre. But when it comes to So You Think You Can Dance — which, in my mind, is the artsy-cool Solange to American Idol‘s megastar sister Beyoncé — I’m always overcome by the hokey notion that whether or not my favorites prevail, the art of dance always comes out a winner.

I know, I know…that sentiment probably made you cringe harder than the sight of Paula Abdul’s “blooming onion” hairstyle. But honestly, I don’t say it to obscure the fact that I came into tonight’s Season 10 finale with strong feelings about how America should answer the questions “Aaron or Fik-Shun?” (Aaron, obvs) and “Amy or Jasmine?” (#TeamJasmine4Eva!).

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I say it because, after head judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe announced during the opening hour that SYTYCD had been picked up for Season 11, nothing — except maybe Cat Deeley being forced to announce the judges had decided to ignore America’s votes and declare their inexplicable fave Jenna as a surprise champ on the girls’ side — could harsh my vibe.

Anyhow…before we press play on So Do You Think You Could Give Us the Results Already, Slezak?, let’s hand out some awards celebrating the highs and lows of the finale, shall we?

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BEST MOMENT (NEW ROUTINE): Season 10 Top 10 & Selected All-Stars, “Rock Lobster”
OK, it was a little distracting the lengths to which the director and camera operators went to obscure Aaron’s abs, but All-Star Robert was sensational, and All-Star Allison reminded us she’s just as effective rocking out as she is gliding through a contemporary number. I really, really loved this high-energy piece, even if Cat never announced who choreographed it.

BEST MOMENT (ENCORE): Top 10 Guys, “Sand”
Is there any way the Top 10 can recreate this piece on tour? Because I’d give Carly Rae Jepsen’s left arm to see it live and in person.

BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT: Tucker and All-Star Robert’s Contemporary Piece
I loved this Travis Wall dance the first time around, but the encore definitely hit me harder and deeper, as the depth and maturity of Tucker and Robert’s work (and the lack of droning pre-dance explanation) had me reaching for the Kleenex.

WORST MOMENT (NEW ROUTINE): Nigel and Mary’s “Let’s Get It On”
Don’t get me wrong — I’m always in favor of the judges being brave enough to put themselves (and their technique) up to public scrutiny. But I just wish they’d eschewed the hideous wigs and exaggerated face-pulling in favor of something more elegant — or at least less campy.

MOST INFURIATING OVERSIGHT: Not a single ballroom routine in a two-hour episode (by which I mean not a single second of focus for Season 10’s impossibly adorable Alan or his amazing abs)? Is Nigel punishing us for not carrying Jenna to the finale?

MOST CONSPIRACY-GENERATING OVERSIGHT: Considering SYTYCD has been obsessed with choreographer Sonya Tayeh for several seasons running, its failure to mention her name during the finale made me wonder if she’s had some kind of falling out with La Lythgoe.

RIGHT COUPLE, WRONG ROUTINE: I was stoked to see Makenzie and Paul open the show, but I can’t imagine why Paula chose the ho-hum “Edge of Glory” over the far more daring (albeit erotic) Frankenstein-y jazz piece from Sean Cheesman.

MOST FUN (PART 1): Jasmine and Marko’s “Blurred Lines” — featuring extra saucy tie-straightening

MOST FUN (PART 2): Amy and Fik-Shun’s “Afterparty” — featuring extra saucy bell hops

MOST DANGEROUS: How in the heck did the Battle of the Year crew pull off their routine without so much as a broken pinkie finger or dislocated spine?

LEAST RINGING ENDORSEMENT: Fik-Shun describing Battle of the Year as “the best dance movie I’ve seen in a while.”

BEST INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE BY A FINALIST IN A JUDGES’ CHOICE: Aaron’s ebullient, effortless tapping alongside Alexis and Curtis

MOST LIKELY TO STAR IN A BIG-SCREEN ADAPTATION OF A NICHOLAS SPARKS NOVEL: I really thought Aaron and All-Star Kathryn might go in for an actual smooch (or three) during the reprise of their “Kissing You” routine. But even sexier was the way the duo stared into each others’ eyes — the way a hungry bear eyes a salmon swimming upstream — as the number began.

WILDEST STATISTIC: Cat reminding us we’d seen 109 live routines this season.

(Side note: Cat revealed before the final ad break that the Season 10 Girls’ Champ received the highest number of votes of any Top 4 dancer after last week’s performance finale, proving it’s not just cute guys who activate speed-dialing fingers anymore.)

And now, without further ado…

The Season 10 Guys’ Champ (aka America’s Favorite Male Dancer) is…Fik-Shun
The Season 10 Girls’ Champ (aka America’s Favorite Male Dancer) is…Amy

Le sigh…I went 0-for-2 in my Who Should Win/Who Will Win predictions. Oh well, we’ll always have “The Giving Tree.” And, to their credit, Amy and Fik-Shun’s “Afterparty” reprise was pretty damn amazing tonight. And now it’s your turn.

What did you think of the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 finale? Did the right guy win? Did the right gal win? Did the Season 11 pickup mean you’d be happy no matter the voting outcome? Sound off below, and do come back in the morning for my full updated recap!