Under the Dome Recap: Guilty? Please.

Under the Dome Recap Barbie CaughtThis week, in the penultimate Season 1 episode of CBS’ Under the Dome, Big Jim pinned yet another murder on Barbie as the manhunt continued, while the kids played “Hide the Egg.”

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As the search for Barbie got underway, Big Jim, by way of some rousing speechifying, coaxed the townspeople — who apparently can fit at least a quorum into a single room — into allowing house sweeps. Dodee meanwhile hears the military chatter again state how “essential” it is to find Barbie, as he is the only one with the “necessary expertise” to deal with The Egg.

Over at the barn, Norrie’s living mom has (finally) emerged to question the kids about what they’re hiding there — and readily accepts that this extraterrestrial-seeming object is “the Dome’s heart.” Well, of course it is. Later, as Junior alerts his dad that (coming off his “vision” at the Dome wall) someone will try to kill him, Angie is sneaked up on by Barbie, who easily convinces her of Big Jim’s litany of lies — and she agrees to help him get comatose Julia out of the clinic.

At the radio station, Dodee fills in Big Jim on the latest chatter regarding Barbie and the “Egg” that the military is searching for — which she suspects powers the Dome. But rather than simply use Dodee to help track down the Egg, Jim blurts out his fascist desire to keep the Dome in place. Amazingly, Dodee is “OK” with his way of thinking until she overhears the radio chatter conveniently mention (maybe on the station W-XPOSITION?) that Jim killed the reverend. Jim can’t let her hold onto the secret, so he puts a couple bullets into her and the radio equipment and then torches the place.

While Joe and Nor hide the Mini-Dome at Ben’s house, Angie dons her candy striper garb to lure Junior away from his guard post at Julia’s bedside, so that Barbie can move her. Alas, Angie’s conspicuously ill-timed cigarette break makes Junior smell a rat, leading to a donneybrook with Barbie out in the parking lot, while Angie revs up the ambulance with Julia inside. On Barbie’s orders, Angie speeds away while he surrenders to Linda.

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Ultimately, Joe and Nor are locked up as well, and the latter even takes a clumsy stab at Big Jim, believing the Dome’s intimation that he’s gotta die. Jim shrugs it off, changes his shirt and then makes a deal with Barbie: confess to all that I’ve pinned on you and I’ll let the kids go and not bother Julia. Later, Julia finally awakens (in the basement of the clinic, where she is now hidden) and reports to Angie that some strange woman, and not Barbie, shot her.

As the episode closes, Ben reveals to the rest of the gang how loud and angry the Mini-Dome has gotten, as Barbie is about to “stand trial” in the public square. But when Big Jim cues him to plead his guilt to the community, Barbie instead declares himself, “Not guilty” — not the two words Big Jim wanted to hear.


* Didn’t the Mini-Dome look like E.T., wrapped up in a blanket and pulled along in a wagon?

* Didn’t the radio station burn down in record speed? (And I don’t mean 33 1/3 rpm! Sorry, turntable humor.)

* Any Once Upon a Time fans out there think that Barbie was going to wake Julia with “true love’s kiss”?

* Good thing Angie stole an ambulance with unlimited gas, eh? It’s not like an emergency vehicle would have been driving all over town for the past two weeks straight. In this emergency situation.

* Did Linda really not question Jim about where he got this “lead” about the Dome’s power source?!

And the biggest Q: What do you think will happen next Monday, during the freshman finale — knowing that a Season 2 is coming?