Supernatural DVD Exclusive: Relive Sam and Dean's Season 8 Journey Back to Brotherly Love

There’s nothing like a confused teen prophet and and a demon tablet to bring the Winchesters back together.

In the following exclusive video from Supernatural‘s Season 8 DVD/Blu-ray (out this Tuesday, Sept. 10), the show’s writers/executive producers break down Dean and Sam’s arc in the past year, which started with the brothers “very far apart” as the elder Winchester battled it out in purgatory and Sammy navigated a relationship. But in the end, the Supe team notes, that struggle allowed the guys to “grow and change.”

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Also in the featurette: The EPs and co-star Osric Chau reflect on Kevin Tran’s Star Wars/Indiana Jones-like hero’s journey and the role he played in getting Dean and Sam back on the same page.

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