Bones Wedding Date Exclusive: Booth and Brennan Will Get Hitched In [Spoiler]

Bones Season 9 WeddingLast month, Bones creator Hart Hanson promised that Booth and Brennan’s Season 9 nuptials “will happen in a way you don’t expect and [at] a time you don’t expect.”

He wasn’t kidding about the second half of that statement.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the venerable Fox drama will defy TV convention and not make fans wait until the end of the season to see Booth and Brennan get hitched. No, the ceremony will take place sooner rather than later. Much sooner.

As in: It’s shooting this week.

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Bones insiders confirm that wedding episode is currently in production and is slated to air later this fall. And all indications are that it will be an affair to remember.

“We’ve been waiting over eight years for this, and we really want to deliver the wedding that everybody hopes for,” exec producer Stephen Nathan recently told TVLine. “It’s our intention that when [viewers] get an invitation, it’s well worth wearing a clean suit and buying a nice gift.”

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