Can Jeff Daniels Renew Bunheads? Did Runway's Crotch Shot Miss? Affairs Too Dark? And More Qs

Continuum_Season2_finaleWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, Covert Affairs, The Daily Show and Burn Notice!

1 | How, how, how will Continuum‘s Kiera possibly escape her season-ending dilemma? And wasn’t Young Alec acting a bit irrationally in co-opting the device to do his own selfish bit of time travel?

2 | Did Walt’s reference to “Beaver and What’s-His-Name” make you hope that Breaking Bad brings back Jesse’s stoner pals at least one more time before the series finale? Were you worried that Marie was going to say something in therapy that would compel her counselor to call the cops? And did you possibly predict that Hank had something to do with Jesse’s restraint in torching the Whites’ home?

3 | If you, like we did, got pulled into Monday’s Parks and Recreation marathon, have you by now nailed the pronunciation of the FX offshoot’s name — that it’s “FX, X” and not “FXX”?

4 | Did Roger Federer’s Labor Day loss to Tommy Robredo make you despair that we may never see a Federer-Rafael Nadal match at the U.S. Open?franco-roast-andy-samberg

5 | We get what Andy Samberg was trying to do during the James Franco Roast — and we applaud his ambition (and apparent reverence of Norm MacDonald) — but aside from Bill Hader, did anyone actually think the bit was funny? Also, where art thou, Lisa Lampanelli? Not the same without you.

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6 | Should Breaking Pointe‘s Allison send Jonathan to the curb for not coming to her opening night? (Answer: Hell yes!)

7 | While it was a bit ridiculous for Suits to let Donna, a secretary, fire Stephen, how good did it feel to watch that scene?

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Covert Affairs8 | Has Covert Affairs gotten too serious? Or are you enjoying the darker, season-long mission? And why is Annie so averse to donning the occasional disguise? (One quick glance in her direction and Calder would’ve been wise to the prisoner transfer before she even pulled away!) Also, doesn’t the CIA have high-tech gadgets that could see “inside” a wall to find Auggie’s safe? Lastly, whose voice does Teo’s remind us of? Maybe Demian Bichir’s…?

9 | Did the Daily Show scribes start planning the cold open to Jon Stewart’s return way back at the start of the summer, when he first began growing his beard? (Stewart’s noticeably darker complexion — a natural side effect of shooting a movie in the desert for three months? Or unnatural side effect of too much bronzer?) And dare we hope that the heavy use of interim host John Oliver in tandem with Stewart this week is a portent for the Brit to maybe nab a show of his own?

10 | Is there any chance that instead of Community getting Walton Goggins, Venus Van Damme shows up?

11 | While Jeff Daniels is feeling punchy and all, can he also announce renewals for Bunheads, The Lying Game and Happy Endings?

Dancing With the Stars Bill Nye12 | TVLine reader DreamRose311 asks: “Which Dancing With the Stars judge will be the first to call Bill Nye ‘The Dancing Guy’?” And does Showgirls star Elizabeth Berkley have an advantage? Or if you’ve seen Showgirls, is quite the opposite true?

13 | If you were in Elissa’s shoes on Big Brother, would you have been able to put personal feelings aside and vote to keep Amanda? And did it shock you to learn that Thursday’s double eviction was the series’ 500th episode?

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14 | Was the intensity of Burn Notice‘s Michael/Sam slugfest dampened by the distraction of the obvious downpour it was filmed during (and which “vanished” a minute later)? And will you miss the show positioning Fi’s Hyundai as some elite sports car just because it is red?

15 | Wasn’t Graceland‘s Jakes a bit laissez-faire about the fact that Briggs killed (even “accidentally”) a fellow federal agent?

16 | Did it take Chloe getting shot on Rookie Blue — in a sequence superbly directed by star Gregory Smith, we must say — to make you realize how much you’ve actually come to like her? And who else was muttering, “Not Nick, not Nick, not Nick,” at the end of the episode?Project Runway

17 | OK, let’s overlook for a second the fact that Project Runway judge Heidi Klum somehow likes an unflattering drop-crotch pant. But how are they appropriate/safe for a workout ensemble challenge?! And didn’t Alexandria look like she was having none of Michael Kors’ sassy critique?

18 | The Chew audience has to be fabricating those scandalous anonymous confessions for shock/kicks, right? It’s not like anyone would know… (Or do you think the show is behind them?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!