The Official Walking Dead College Course: What Survival Lessons Should It Teach?

The Walking Dead College CourseAnd you thought college students dragged their feet to class before.

AMC, Instructure and the University of California–Irvine have announced the joint production of “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead,” an online course that promises to explore “a broad range of scholarly topics through the lens of a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.”

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The free course will run for eight consecutive Mondays starting Oct. 14, is available to anyone in the world via Canvas.net/TWD and will be taught by a new professor each season multidisciplinary team of UC Irvine faculty from the areas of public health, social sciences, physics and mathematics.

“There is clearly a growing appetite for engagement with The Walking Dead,” AMC VP Theresa Beyer said in a statement, pun perhaps intended, “and we hope this online course will … offer a legitimate educational experience that can be applied even more broadly.”

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While we have yet to lay our eyes on the curriculum for “Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead,” we thought we’d offer the UCI profs some initial talking points. Such as:

♦ IF YOU SPEND DAYS AND DAYS shouting out a missing child’s name, over and over again, with no success, you might not want to find the child.

♦ KEEPING YOUR HAIR SHORT offers one less way for a walker to drag you down.

♦ ALWAYS WAIT A HALF-HOUR after feeding on a lifeguard before swimming.

♦ IF THE CONSENSUS among fellow survivors is that the guy you’re sleeping with is a sociopath, chances are good he’s a sociopath.

♦ IF A PHONE RINGS for the first time in months, do not answer it.

♦ IN THE EVENT that you need to extricate a water-logged walker from a well, take measures to secure his torso in all directions.

♦ SHOULD YOU HAVE TO SELF-AMPUTATE a limb, know that they are doing amazing things with prosthetics these days.

♦ IF YOU’RE PREGNANT, travel with a doctor at all times during your final trimester. Just in case.

♦ NEW PARENTS should wait until the child reaches at least 16 months of age before teaching him/her to break down and clean a firearm.

♦ And lastly: WEAR comfortable shoes.

What survival lessons has The Walking Dead taught you, that should be passed along to the world’s knowledge-hungry youth?