Under the Dome Recap: Labor Day Barbie Qs

Speak of the DevilYou’re welcome, Time Warner subscribers….?

This week on CBS’ Under the Dome, Maxine went gunning for Julia, Junior made the Dome very angry and Big Jim turned heroic Barbie into Public Enemy No. 1.

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Caught by Linda with his hands in the propane — er, sorry, pro-pane — jar, Big Jim started spinning hard and fast, first defending his stockpiling as ultimately a lights- and lives-saving act, and then suggesting that the fella Linda really should be looking at is the mysterious Barbie.

No sooner does Big Jim plant that seed does Linda get radioed by Barbie with news that Julia has been shot. But by the time Linda gets to Julia’s house (whoa, someone finally ran out of gas!), Barbie and the body are MIA (having enlisted Joe into rushing them to the hospital, learner’s permit or not).

Meanwhile in the barn, the kids have plotted out on the ceiling and walls the stars/constellations that their egg friend projected after the Four Hands made contact. But when Junior (of course) starts reading too much into the extreme sitch — suggesting that he and Angie share an “undeniable” connection [groan] — she says the worst thing possible: that once the Dome is gone, so is she. Way to motivate the lad.

When the Dome starts getting very angry, brewing up a monster storm inside its roof, Angie concludes that it’s because Junior has bailed on their critical quartet. Once she convinces him to stay on board — saying “I need you” — the weather simmers down. But could it have instead been because also at that moment, Barbie — whom Joe has decided is “the monarch” to be crowned — was saving Julia’s life with a trick that rivals M*A*S*H‘s ballpoint pen tracheotomy?

Alas, no working of miracles can save Barbie from his date with an epic frame job, when after turning the tables on Maxine and her goon, Big Jim shoots their would-be captors and then pins it on Barbie when Linda arrives on the scene. Barbie KOs the lady cop, then runs off into the woods.

Big Jim takes to the airwaves — armed with fresh intel overhead by Dodee, that the military folk outside the Dome have ID’d Barbie from visitors day tapes as being “the one” they’re looking for — and issues an APB for the shifty stranger, blaming Barbie for pretty much every death save for the first episode’s cow.

Meanwhile, the kids rendezvous at a location at the Dome wall they seemingly were pointed to by the “pink stars,” and as they lay their hands on the surface, they see a vision of a particularly demonic Big Jim, bleeding from here, there and everywhere. After a spooked Junior runs off, Angie somehow interprets the vision to mean that for the Dome to come down, Big Jim must go down — at their hand.

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* Did they repeatedly highlight the fact that Julia’s car was electric to explain why it’s running, or was that good ol’ bills-paying product placement?

* “So now I control the weather…?” No, Junior — that’d be Storm. Or Mikkos Cassadine.

* Do you subscribe to Joe’s “monarch” theory, that Barbie is their savior or whatevs?

* Does Mare Winningham get paid for two episodes?

* This one is rhetorical and evergreen, but: Why are the kids the only ones trying to solve the Dome? Isn’t there some intrepid high school science teacher in there with them?

* Coming off that final scene with the kids — the umpteenth instance of showing us postcard-like suburbia on the other side of the wall — are we to assume the show has completely dropped the notion/visual that at least some area outside the Dome got pulverized by the MOAB blast?

* Was Barbie’s threat to Jim, to “do all in my power to knock you off your throne,” some sort of monarch humor?

What new questions do you have about the Dome? Next week: penultimate episode!