The Office DVD Exclusive: Lost Season 9 Scene Reveals Andy Doesn't Know [Spoiler] Is Gay!

The Office‘s Andy Bernard knows his way around a gay identity crisis. In Season 6 of the now departed NBC comedy, the banjo-tickling salesman questioned his own sexuality after a ridiculous rumor popped up. And now, in the following exclusive deleted scene from The Office‘s Season 9 DVD (out Sept. 3), Andy’s at it again — only this time his confusion is about a famed silver fox.

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From the memorable “Roy’s Wedding” episode, this unused moment finds Andy selfishly encouraging his then-love Erin to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

“There is nothing hotter than dating a news anchor,” he shares in a confessional. “Go ask Anderson Cooper’s girlfriend!”

Watch the excised scene below, then hit the comments: Does this make you long for more Office?

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