Exclusive First Look: Fox Turns Its Sunday-Night Cartoons Into a Family Circus!

Did we miss the press release announcing that Krusty the Clown had been hired by Fox’s promo department?

Because the network’s fall key art for its Animation Domination lineup (returning Sunday, Sept. 29 beginning at 8/7c) sure looks like his handiwork: The eye-popping images recast the stars of “the greatest shows on Earth” — American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy and The Simpsons — as circus performers!

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Our personal favorite bit is the expression (and outfit!) on Bob’s wife, Linda. Totally says, “Yeah, Tina’s in center stage — FOR NOW.”

What do you think of the pics? Favorite? Least? Look ’em over and comment away.

The Simpsons PosterFamily Guy Poster

American Dad Poster

Bob's Burgers Poster