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Homeland Season 3 Poster Urges Viewers to 'Pledge Allegiance' -- Plus: A 'Haunt'-ing Trailer

Showtime has unveiled the official poster for Homeland Season 3 (bowing Sept. 29) — and it demands an awful lot from viewers.

With the distressed faces of Carrie, Brody and Saul plastered front and center, the art declares that the time to “pledge allegiance” — to what or whom, we’re still undecided — is now.

VIDEO | Homeland Season 3 Trailer

A new trailer for Homeland‘s junior year, titled “Haunted,” has also hit the web. In it, the aforementioned trio appear to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of deceit. (Sounds about right, no?)

Watch the promo and preview the poster below.

Homeland Season 3 Poster