MasterChef Exclusive First Look: Prepare for the 'Nightmare' That Is Restaurant Takeover!

“That kind of challenge can turn into a nightmare episode,” says MasterChef taskmaster Gordon Ramsay, regarding this Wednesday’s “Restaurant Takeover” installment (9/8c on Fox) — set at Wolfgang Puck’s swanky WP24 in Los Angeles. But the wry smile on Ramsay’s face in the following exclusive preview video is a reminder that the contestants’ fresh hell can be heaven for the viewing audience. 

Indeed, it looks like there’ll be meltdowns galore as a scallop sui mai arrives totally raw at one patron’s table, while another group of diners heads for the exit after waiting too long for their dishes.

Oh sure, there are probably culinary triumphs for some members of the Season 4 Top 6, but in the end, the pressure of re-create some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes under brutal time contstraints will lead to an inevitable elimination.

Watch the sneak peek below, then make your predictions about who will and who should be axed this week!

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