Did Breaking Bad Boldly Go Too Far? A Bloody Boring Funeral? Liars' Tough Call? And More Qs!

blog_megan_mashup_8.16.13We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including True Blood, Pretty Little Lairs, Teen Wolf, Drunk History and more!

1 | So that vertical runway on America Next’s Top Model… How was that not a big enough liability to be vetoed at the pitch stage? And is the guys and girls edition making you miss Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel something fierce?

2 | Was True Blood‘s Terry really such a beloved character that he warranted not only the longest funeral in television history, but a flashback episode as well?

3 | Wouldn’t it be nice if Food Network execs develop a show for Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillips that focuses strictly on her new southern cuisine and drops the gimmicky “Eat, Date, Love” concept adopted in her final pilot-presentation challenge? And what are the odds that runner-up Rodney Henry gets some kind of irritating “on the road” show greenlit, as Bob and Susie attempt to make him Guy Fieri 2.0?

4 | Theories as to how Dexter’s Hannah managed to single-handedly haul an unconscious Dex all the way to the outskirts of Miami? Maybe she stuffed him in one of these?

5 | Could anyone have predicted before the start of Devious Maids‘ inaugural season that Rebecca Wisocky would score more laughs per scene as the imperious Evelyn Powell than any other regular or recurring cast member?

BadgerBReakingBAd6 | As fantastic as Sunday’s Breaking Bad was, can we all agree that Badger’s insanely detailed Star Trek dissertation went on about two minutes too long? And appreciating that Breaking Bad needed/wanted to fast-track a Walt/Hank face-off, wasn’t it a bit convenient that Walt almost immediately was given occasion to notice that Leaves of Grass was missing? Lastly, has the sound of a garage door closing ever been more gasp-inducing?

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7 | Where do you fall on the issue of Newsroom‘s Sloan and her naughty pics: Team Shoulda Known Better or Team Leave Sloan Alone!?

8 | Were you moms and dads out there surprised by how deep into it Good Luck Charlie got with the Teddy/Spencer/Beau emotional agita — with no tidy “We can be friends!” ending for the losing lad?

9 | So, where do we think Ray was taking Marvin at the end of Sunday’s Ray Donovan? Also, anyone else still scratching their head over the Abby-as-shoplifter plot?

10 | We admittedly haven’t watched in a few months, but what happened to Suze Orman’s cute and mostly-off camera sidekick/stage manager?

11 | For the love of Balanchine, why would Breaking Pointe‘s Allison even consider giving up her career — and that coveted soloist spot — for a man who’s never once come to Utah to watch her perform?

12 | Does Under the Dome‘s Big Jim ever get tired of clenching his teeth and frowning?

13 | If any actor from NBC’s low-rated Siberia is destined for future TV success, who’d be your pick? (For the record, we’d guess Esther Anderson, who plays delightfully conniving model Esther.)

14 | Regarding this week’s opening scene, the Teen Wolf writers are totally messing with Sterek ‘shippers, aren’t they?

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15 | How strange and disconcerting was it to have the So You Think You Can Dance judges cryptically mention a dark period experienced by choreographer Travis Wall’s brother (and fellow former contestant Danny Tidwell) without any concrete information? If he’s experienced personal difficulties of late that aren’t public knowledge, shouldn’t they have been left out of the critique?

EzraPLL16 | Screaming at the TV in agony when Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria ignored that call from a heartbroken Ezra was the appropriate reaction, right?

17 | Who convinced Criminal Minds‘ Paget Brewster to get inebriated on Drunk History, and how can we get more of our TV faves to do that?

18 | Could any Big Brother viewers make sense of Elissa’s math lesson during the Veto competition? (“First, you have to take the ratio of the sample size that we’re provided…. and estimate given the ratio of how many proportions of the ratio could fit on the display. So… it’s a lot of math.”)

19 | What kind of cruelty is it that The Real‘s hilarious summer test run ended before that of the vastly inferior fellow fledgling talker Kris, starring the Mother of All Kardashians Kris Jenner?

20 | How are there enough people defaulting on their aircraft that Airplane Repo can exist as a series? And does Mike Rowe narrate every show of this nature?

21 | We’re as excited about Jon Stewart’s return as the next person, but after John Oliver’s gush-fest over “the magnificent” Regis Philbin on The Daily Show this week, aren’t you sad to see the funny Brit sign off as host? Also, when former Daily Show correspondents Rob Riggle and Wyatt Cenac showed up for Oliver’s last day, what other famous faces were you hoping would appear? (For the record, we would’ve love a check-in with Vance DeGeneres.)

22 | What was more entertaining: Watching Project Runway‘s Ken, Sue and Alexandria scramble to dress their model in the hallway moments before the runway show, or Tim Gunn’s consternation at the “unprecedented” event?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!