Exclusive (and Scary) First Look: AMC's New Series Owner's Manual Risks Airheads' Necks

owner's manualScared of heights? Even if you’re not now, you will be by the time you’re done watching this exclusive sneak preview of tonight’s premiere of AMC’s Owner’s Manual (10/9c on AMC).

In the clip, Ed Sanders (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and Marcus Hunt (HGTV’s Hammer Heads) are tasked with flying stunt planes over the Pacific Ocean — with only one of them getting to read up first on how to pilot the damn things!

Shaking yet?

Just as terrifying, every week, the guys will be challenged to operate dangerous machinery of this sort or that — one man having gotten to study up, the other, not — in order to answer the eternal question of whether it’s better to follow instructions or (in this case literally) fly blindly.

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