Mistresses Exclusive Preview Video: Savi's Home Alone (With a T-Shirt-Clad Dom)!

There’s nothing sexy about discussing empty refrigerators, hungry babies or workplace exhaustion. Then again, maybe that depends on who’s having the conversation.

In the following exclusive clip from next Monday’s installment of Mistresses (10/9c on ABC), gorgeously pregnant Savi (Alyssa Milano) and hunky possible baby daddy Dom (Jason George) find themselves working in Savi’s fab living room — and working up an appetite.

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“But an appetite for what?” you ask, all cheekily.

Press play below to get the answer, and to find out how and why Savi and Dom wind up in an awkward-hot position by the time this sneak peek is over.

Glad Mistresses is back after a three-week hiatus? And are you #TeamDom or #TeamHarry? Sound off in the comments!

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