Auction-nado: Ausiello's Unloading His Priceless Swag from Buffy, The X-Files, Felicity, Game of Thrones, One Tree Hill, Sopranos and More

one-tree-hill-swag auctionTVLine’s Founder and EIC, Michael Ausiello, is moving, and he’s decided to take advantage of this banner opportunity to declutter his life — by offering you a chance to score some vintage swag from his vast collection!

Head over to Biddingforgood.com to bid on more than 70 items as squee-worthy as a pilot script for The Sopranos (signed by the entire friggin cast), a 1990s-era Emmy program autographed by The X-Files’ David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter, promo screeners for everything from Felicity to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a piece of One Tree Hill (well, of the set, anyway).

sopranosDid we mention that if you win, you’ll be helping a more-than-worthy cause: All proceeds are going to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (which is exactly what it sounds like — a safe haven for all the critters who might be name-dropped in “Old MacDonald”).

The auction, already underway, concludes at 5 pm EST on August 22. So whad’ya say? Wanna do Aus — and a buncha sweet animals — a solid? No pressure, but the last time MA threw a charity auction, it raised more than $5,000 for the sanctuary and cleared enough shelf space for him to adopt a dozen new Smurfs!