Devious Maids Exclusive Video: A Baby Gets Threatened, and Comedy Ensues!

Peanut butter and horseradish. Cheetahs and bunny rabbits. Infants and $100,000 rugs. None of these combos really belong together, but only one of them makes an appearance in the study of heinously haughty Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky) on this Sunday’s installment of Devious Maids (10/9c on Lifetime).

The culprit behind this crime against ostentatious living? Not-as-innocent-as-she-seems Rosie (Dania Ramirez), who’s taken over as the Powell family housekeeper to help her pal Marisol exonerate her son from a murder charge.

Press play below to find out how Evelyn handles Rosie’s “Bring Your Other Employer’s Baby to Work Day” celebration, then share your thoughts.

Are you digging Devious Maids? Got any theories on who killed Flora? Sound off in the comments!

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