Dexter Spin-Off Theory Snuffed? Odd O.C. Pair? Devious Killer MIA? Colbert Saved? And More Qs!

Dexter Season 8We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dexter, Falling Skies, Major Crimes and The Colbert Report!

1 | Anyone else relieved that the in-the-works Dexter spin-off will not revolve around cartoony creeper Zach Hamilton? (At least that’s how we’re interpreting this piece of news.)

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2 | How much more effective would The Killing‘s killer reveal have been had the show not telegraphed it to us throughout the final hour (His random scene with the daughter? His vanishing act? Packing up things at home?) Still, can we all agree that in spite of the occasional misstep, Season 3 was a riveting, emotional and satisfying piece of television featuring some of this summer’s (if not this year’s) finest performances?

3 | Was a part of you dreading that Falling Skies would return Anne with a rapidly aged daughter? Screams of being a cheat to avoid toting a toddler around for Season 4, right?

4 | Did you think something far different and/or worse had happened to The Newsroom‘s Maggie in Uganda?

5 | Is the idea of Drop Dead Diva‘s Owen being Stacy’s baby sperm donor freaking you out, even if Jane is OK with it?

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6 | Seven episodes into Devious Maids, do you have the foggiest clue who might’ve killed Flora? Or, putting it another way: Do you think we as viewers have even been introduced to the culprit?

7 | If Rodney wins Food Network Star, will you vow to quit watching the show, or take it a few steps further and boycott the entire network?

8 | Approximately how far into the Bachelorette season finale did you get before realizing that, nope, Brooks wasn’t going to storm back to Antigua and whisk Desiree off into the sunset? (For us, it happened at about 9:45 pm.)

The O.C. Ryan and Alex9 | We love The O.C., and nothing made us happier than the plethora of interviews celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary, but Ryan and Alex? Seriously?! And doesn’t Taylor deserve better than Nate Archibald? If you’re going to pair her with any Josh Schwartz non-O.C. creation, it has to be Chuck Bartowski, who’d surely understand her love of animé.

10 | Is Switched at Birth‘s Regina being too much of a cool mom with Bay?

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11 | Stiles’ dad, Scott’s mom… Is it a really bad time to be a Teen Wolf parent or what?

12 | Was there anyone who didn’t predict the circle of life would take its toll on Under the Dome the second that pregnant lady showed up on Julia’s doorstep?

13 | So how ’bout it, TBS? Can we take this week’s TV-icon guest stars from TNT’s Major Crimes and give them a sitcom spin-off about, say, the security force at a retirement community?

Suits Season 314 | Does any show currently on TV have better clothes than Suits? Donna and Jessica’s dresses this week alone…. Wow.

15 | Can Wilson Bethel be on every episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

16 | How would you describe Nigel Lythgoe’s decision to send Jenna, not Amy, directly to safety at the top of this week’s So You Think You Can Dance? Was it clueless (since it killed any sense of suspense for the episode) or cruel (since it turned Malece into Dead Woman Dancing for two hours)? And if he really just wanted to see Amy’s solo, why not make all three women “dance for their lives”?

17 | Was anyone else extremely (but pleasantly) surprised to see Lisa Bonet kill it as Mary Ellen Pleasant on Drunk History?

18 | To Colbert Report fans: Given the hilarity of his opening monologue, the star-packed dance sequence (Bryan Cranston on roller skates?!) and another chance to hear Robin Thicke croon “Blurred Lines” live, aren’t you almost happy about Daft Punk’s last-minute decision to bail on the show?

19 | Is The Bridge‘s Linder the absolute worst murder scene clean-up guy you’ve ever seen? Did you think for a minute that the runaway daughter was going to find her way to Seattle and hang with The Killing’s brooding homeless kids? And does Marco’s wife Alma deserve props for keeping her composure after Sonya called her cooking “not good”? (‘Cause you just know it’s in fact damn tasty!)

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20 | What’s with all the unanimous eviction votes on Big Brother this season? Can’t any of the house guests think for themselves?

21 | Whose educational demonstrations are more likely to cause bodily injury: Franklin & Bash‘s Jared and Peter (like the bean-bag gun incident this week) or Bones‘ Hodgins and [insert squintern name here]?

amber-tamblyn-two-and-half-men22 | Who do you most feel for: Two and a Half Men‘s “lesbian daughter” Amber Tamblyn, or Anger Management addition Laura Bell Bundy?

23 | Did anyone besides our Vlada Gelman pick up on the fact that CBS’ Hostages has traded one Burton for another?

24 | How funny was it to see David Meunier — aka Justified‘s vile, in-control Jonny Crowder — play a nervous nellie of a “consultant” on Burn Notice? But has the soon-to-end show reached its limit yet on how many times a Bad Guy can invade Ma’s home? If only she had a son who knew a thing about security….

25 | Wasn’t it surprising to see Battlestar Galactica‘s Alessandro Juliani pop on ABC’s Motive — and not wind up being either the victim or the killer?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!