First Look Video: Dog With a Blog Engages in Some Mom-sense While Teaching Internet Safety

Disney Channel’s Dog With a Blog this week offers a lesson about young’uns sneaking onto social media sites — while also having some light-hearted fun with a popularity-craving child’s worst nightmare.

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In “My Parents Posted What?” (airing Sunday at 8/7c), Avery — immediately after her “Internet sheriff” dad hosts a school assembly about online safety — gets pressured into signing up for a Facebook-like site called BuddyBop, lest she lose favor with the cool crowd.

The young teen’s secret is soon enough uncovered by her folks, who then teach her a lesson by posting silly photos to her page. But as seen in the clip below, Mom’s mission takes an LOL detour when she accidentally shares way more than she bargained for with Avery’s friends.

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To coincide with the teaching episode, Dog With a Blog partnered with the nonprofit org Common Sense on this PSA, in which stars G Hannelius and Blake Michael speak about safe surfing and how nothing one shares online (like, say, this pic of me wigging out on the world’s tallest roller coaster) is truly private.

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