Unforgettable Sneak Peek: Carrie and Al Just Duet

This Sunday on Unforgettable (CBS, 9/8c), Carrie and Al pause the crimesolving for a round of “Name That Tune” — a game one simply does not play against a world-class “rememberer.” And TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at their lyrical trip down memory lane.

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While decompressing during the Case of the Week — which finds a businessman’s death tied to a plot to assassinate a diplomat — Al presses Carrie to remember a song which happens to be ripe with memories for the exes. And while she is quick to recall the tune (amazingly it’s not a certain Nat King Cole standard but a Savage Garden hit), she balks at singing it — until, that is, Al charmingly cues her.

Fun fact: This is not the first time Poppy Montgomery has sung on TV. A bit of deft Googling will lead you to a “threesome” she did years ago on Live, with Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris.

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