The Bachelorette Photo Diary: 25 Memorable Moments from Monday's Insane Finale!

Another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end, and yes, our heroine Desiree Hartsock got her fairytale ending. Well, that is if your idea of a “fairytale ending” involves reality TV cameras, a live studio audience and two tear-soaked break-ups right before your wedding proposal.

To celebrate Desiree dumping Drew, suppressing her feelings for an on-the-run Brooks and saying “hells yes!” to a whopper of a (Neil Lane-sponsored) diamond offered by hunky former baseball player Chris, we’ve put together a gallery of 25 memorable moments from Monday night’s finale.

So click on through if you want to relive the “journey” — or to get all of the deliciously ridiculous details while being able to maintain your “I would never watch The Bachelorette” street cred!

And when you’re done, hit the comments with your own favorite Bachelorette memories — and your feelings on Juan Pablo being chosen as the next Bachelor!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    Slezak, you’re the best. I’m going to have “Brooks look at that body” in my head for hours and I’m not even mad.

  2. april-ann says:

    Okay…that has got to be the fracking FUNNIEST thing I’ve ever read. I just can’t believe that after her boring season, I don’t even get to have my summer Bachelor Pad fix.:(

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    HAHAHAHA, love it. Great job :-) This girl switched from Brooks to Chris faster than an Olympic freestyle flip.

  4. mirvin365 says:

    “Ugh it WAS your poetry journal.” Bah ha ha ha. Brilliant. *crying*

  5. Connie says:

    I don’t know sir, I think you may be alone on the blue chair covers. They match all the other blue in the room. Gingham goes a long way and very well with light and airy. They would look terrible in green. Maybe yellow?
    I do want to say that I wish Des and Chris the best. That said, I do not think she was true to her heart. I hope I am wrong.

  6. Pat says:

    Best Bachelorette recap ever!!!

  7. fdfdngdmgmdfhfhfh says:

    Hah. I ended up having to watch the last two episodes. Bizarre show.

    Did anyone catch how, ON THE ALTER, after he/she said something about loving each other forever, growing old and gray together, always sticking to the other, blah blah blah, that she whispers something and he was like I couldn’t hear you and then she whispers something like, I forget exactly, “I said, please hold me to that”. Yikes. If you need to whispering for your partner to hold you to the comment while getting proposed too…. I think she may be fooling herself and that the show egged her into something unnatural.

    I mean honestly he seems like he actually could be a good match for her and may have been had the other guy not been there or had they had time to natural and slowly meet again some time later, etc. but once you get relegated to the settling choice on the spot like that, man I don’t know that I see that as a good way to start.

    (not that I get the sense this show particular would be able to set anyone up for anything better than pretty much the worst possible sort of start, I get the impression they spend barely any time togehter other than a rare date here or there and the date is always set up in a perfect location with no trials and tribulations to see how people mesh under fire and how you are going around like with three people a week before proposing…. can’t be the best way haha; I bet half the time the dates are more in love with the fantasy and wonder of the location than their partner with them at the date). That switch was way too fast. She seems desperate and insecure and probably egged on by the pressure of the show.

    Not that I think she is bad, she does seem funny and sweet and really pretty cool actually. I think she’s probably a good person, but between her dangerous insecurity and the show probably egging her on, man. Could be some sad tears ahead for what appear to be two very nice people, sad to say. Maybe she can get over her bad boy chasing needy insecurity deal and they do seem good together, but I don’t know how you overcome, in the fashion they had to. The way they had to re-get together just like that after such an emotional week was so entirely unnatural it seems like it might damage something that maybe in some other fashion could still have been salvaged. And how does three days = having had a majorly long time to come to terms with things??? Never say never, maybe they stay together and it’s wonderful, but it seems a shame two probably very nice people got pushed together in such an unnatural way that can not have helped it any.

    In some ways the show seems kinda cruel but I guess that is reality tv.

    (but dude, she looks hot in that top, so I do not think your captions for #8 or especially #10 make any sense. Believe me that guy was not thinking what you jokingly pretend he was thinking. She looked mad hot the way that fit her and looked on her! She knew plenty well what she was doing with that.)

    • fdfdngdmgmdfhfhfh says:

      Actually I was shocked the two guys were so unquestioning and boom we accept the roses after she came out so obviously utterly unsettled by the other guy having dropped out.

      Or how they both could’ve both been set to propose to her, especially after she has to add in an that extra test date and so on.

      I don’t mean that as a knock on her in the least. I can plenty see how they could want to do that in general just not in that scenario at that point after what happened.

      I mean by acting like it was nothing, proposing a week later, you it’d have to hurt chances long term and chances for the whole thing to truly work well, no? You turn yourself into the settled for guy by doing that and that’s not good for building raw attraction. Tell her you still care about her deeply. Give her a few months. If she comes back and contacts you after that then you can maybe start something real and it could have a way better shot to work without fear, insecurity, resentment, and with full on attraction.

      But I am trying to make sense out of reality tv.