Under the Dome Recap: Dome and Domer

Under the Dome Recap Second DomeThis week on CBS’ Under the Dome, one life was added, one got subtracted and Joe and Norrie uncovered the Dome’s not-so-chewy center. Here’s a rundown of new things we learned, new questions raised.

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* Julia likes you to stay….

* … but Barbie’s not a stayer. That said, he is so getting much more sex after A) thwarting the gas-jacking and then B) helping birth a baby.

* Big Jim years ago privately bought the diner, after helping it stay in business for a stretch.

* When it comes to inducing labor, eggplant parmigiana has got nothing on the Dome.

* Shy Ronnie may be 110-percent nuts, but as a deputy he’s got a helluva work ethic.

* Joe and Norrie quite possibly may be the cutest TV couple of the past few years. “Focus, Joe!”

* It’s a really, really good thing that Joe paid attention in both chemistry and trig.

* At the epicenter of the Dome is… another, much smaller dome. Dome Jr. And inside of that is a dark “egg” that looks like an objet d’art one buys at a fancy gift shop.

* Big Jim is a decent-enough shot even after sucking down a fifth of whiskey. And Junior is a decent-enough shot at point-blank range with a rifle.


* Did Chester’s Mill not have an orthodontist who could’ve helped a young Ollie out with them chompers?

* Why didn’t Big Jim just throw his truck into reverse and mow down the goon who was guarding his stolen PRO-pane supply?

* Was Harriet supposed to have been excited by Alice’s proclamation, “You’re going to have the first baby born inside the Dome!”?

* How psyched is Harriet that the kindly lady doctor who was passing through town on D-Day wasn’t named Helga?

* How do the Dome and Dome Jr. choose whose images to “project”? Is it some shmatlzy “The person you love most” formula? Or did Daddy Dome use Harriet’s husband as a means to ultimately induce labor and thus deliver unto the earth Killer Baby Alice? Is it all part of some “population control” initiative? Like, must there be exactly 108 and only 108 people alive inside the Dome?

* Did that final scene, with Norrie begging the Dome to bring back her mom Alice, get any other Stephen King fans thinking about an Under the Dome/Pet Sematary crossover?

* What happened to the leaves Joe had covered Dome Jr. back up with?

* Per TVLine reader Soosan: “Wasn’t the outside of the dome blown to bits?” At least for miles and miles? So why does everything on the other side now look A-OK?

* Did anybody else keep expecting/wanting Michael Scott to show up when “the Dundees” got mentioned?

* Remind me, how are we getting two seasons out of this…?

What questions did this week’s Dome leave you with?